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Penny Logan

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Penny Logan
Penn Logan.jpg
First appearance Faces, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 24
Occupation Agent of The Company
Significant other Thompson Jr.

Penny Logan is an Agent of The Company.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Penny, a Company agent, pursues a man in Manhattan that Penny has been informed will emit nerve gas when he gets nervous and sweats. Penny blends into a crowd and follows him into an alleyway, where she manages to bag him with a taser before he can release a fatal dose.

Upon returning to Primatech Research, Penny cleans herself in the shower and her hair changes from black to light brown. Penny tries to "hit on" Thompson, Jr., who does not remember her even though they went on an assignment together to fight a Croatian who had a weather control ability, and ignores Penny until introduced to her by Penny's mother, Connie. Penny leaves with her mom down the hall, and rejects her mother's suggestion that Penny should improve her own appearance to attract guys.

Penny and Connie arrive at Bob's office, and learns from Bob that her request to be assigned a new partner has been denied. They then travel to Levittown to capture a teleporter. Penny and Connie follow Bob's plan to use the target's girlfriend to get close to him. When they spot the girlfriend leaving the target's house, Penny's physical form is altered by her mother such that she appears exactly like the target's beautiful girlfriend except for her clothing. Penny is able to impersonate the girlfriend well enough to convince the target to let her into his house. Then, Penny knocks him out with a powerful kick and prepares an injection.

After the mission is over, Penny tries but is unable to convince her mother to restore her normal appearance until the next morning. Penny then heads to the Company watering hole for a drink. It is here Thompson Jr. offers Penny, not realizing her true identity, a drink. Penny accepts, planning to eventually confront Thompson Jr. with her true identity later.

Penny ends up drinking one too many. She wakes up the next morning naked in bed beside Thompson Jr., her appearance reverted to normal.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

Penny, getting over the shock of waking up after a night with Thompson Jr., gets out of bed, hurriedly dresses, gathers her things sneaks out of the motel room.

At Primatech Research, Penny practices shooting in the firing range. Thompson Jr. approaches, and notes that he remembers Penny's name. Just when Penny gets her hopes up, Thompson reveals he still hasn't realized she was the one he had slept with the night before, and merely requests that Penny say "hi" to her mother for him. After Thompson Jr. has left, Penny is confronted by her mother, who gloats that she knows her ability allowed Penny to become closer with Thompson Jr.

They walk through the halls, and arrive outside a Company work room. Penny watches through the room's window as a colleague helps him to discover that the person he made out with the night before resemble's the teleporter's girlfriend, a known accomplice in the Company's database. When Thompson, Jr. rushes away, Penny has her mother quickly change her back to looking like the girlfriend, hoping to head Thompson, Jr. off before he reaches the girlfriend's home.

Penny, Thompson, Jr. and the girlfriend all arrive at the teleporter's home, and Thomson, Jr. ushers the two women inside at gunpoint. Penny explains what has happened to Thompson, Jr., and pleads with him to send for the Haitian and not her mother. However, Thompson, Jr. ignores Penny and has them both arrive to the home.

After being forced to tell her mother that her ability is valued, Connie turns Penny's appearance back to normal confirming her version of the events. After everyone else has left, Penny asks Thompson, Jr. if he is upset and learns that he likes Penny using her mother's ability, and they could have a relationship, with Penny using her mother's ability to appear as someone new to him every night. Penny decides that, next time, she will stay the beautiful person and lose her memories, letting her doppleganger be the one to lose her appearance.

Graphic Novel:Going Postal

Penny is assigned to help bring down Echo DeMille. Thirteen weeks later, Echo is supposed to rendezvous with his girlfriend Gina. However the Company becomes aware of this and decides to put Penny on the case.

Echo travels to his family's cabin on Lake Arrowhead, where he had arranged with Gina to eventually meet up. As Echo makes his way to the cabin, Penny is there waiting on the pier, in her Gina disguise. Echo rushes towards Penny and the two share a kiss. However, he then realizes it's not Gina that he kissed, but Penny. He uses his ability to render her unconscious, revealing her true appearance.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

Penny, Felicia and her mother are sparring in Primatech's training area when they overhear the arguments of Gael Cruz, Thompson Jr. and Bianca Karina regarding who could be aiding Evs Dropper's activities to undermine the Company from the inside. Penny sticks up for Thompson Jr., and makes the argument worse by suggesting that the human agents need to start protecting themselves against the evolved agents who are suspected of aiding Evs, much to her mother's shock.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Penny fights against Felicia in a human vs. evolved human brawl. When Felicia attacks with her disintegration touch, Penny neutralizes it by pinning Felicia's arm behind her back. Penny is rendered unconscious when Thompson, Jr. opens a canister of knockout gas.

Graphic Novel: Into The Wild Part 1

Not only is it revealed that Penny's mother is the infamous Evs Dropper, but renegade Company agent Julien Dumont is Connie's husband, accomplice, and Penny's father.

Heroes Evolutions

According to her mother's assignment tracker, Penny was the person to turn her mother in to the Company. At the time, Penny was already a highly-decorated field agent in the Company. Penny believed that her mother would be isolated by the Company as she found her ability to be ethically offensive. However, the Company instead made Connie into Penny's new partner over her objections and their partnership has been a success thus far, making Penny "an unparalleled candidate for infiltration assignments."


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