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Peter's dreams

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Peter's dreams
Visions events.jpg
Peter is a dreamer.

First mentioned: Genesis
Date of event: Recurring

Since even before discovering his powers, Peter Petrelli has been experiencing unusual dreams. Its later revealed to be as a result of Peter absorbing and replicating his mother's ability.



While sitting with Charles Deveaux in his apartment, Peter dreams of leaping off the roof of a building and flying across the city. He tells his brother Nathan about the dreams, some of which include him.

At the police station, Peter tells his mother that he somehow knew about Nathan's accident before he got the phone call about it.

Nothing to Hide

Peter dreams he is sitting with a conscious Charles Deveaux. He tells Charles he can fly, opens the window to prove it, then experiences flashes of himself flying above New York.

Peter is awakened by the doorbell in his apartment. He opens the door to find Simone, who tells him that Charles passed away about an hour ago. She tells him that before he died, Charles woke up and told her that he dreamed he was flying above the world with Peter.

Six Months Ago

After his graduation party, Peter dreams, in exact detail, the events of Nathan's accident. When he later confronts Nathan about it, his suspicions about the accident's cause are confirmed.


In his cell at the Odessa Sheriff's Department, Peter is visited by his brother Nathan. During their conversation, Nathan turns into Sylar, and Peter wakes up suddenly.

After collapsing outside the sheriff's department, Peter has another dream. He is in the deserted streets of New York City. He sees Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, Ando Masahashi, Mohinder Suresh, Claire Bennet, D.L. Hawkins, Niki Sanders, Micah Sanders, Isaac Mendez, Simone Deveaux, and his brother Nathan. Suddenly, Peter begins to glow, and then explodes. Peter wakes up and tells Nathan that he's the cause of the explosion.

Graphic Novel:Super-Heroics

As Peter Petrelli lies comatose in a New York City hospital after collapsing outside the Odessa Sheriff's Department, he has a comatose dream that he's a comic book superhero, battling against a virtually indestructible flying villain called "The Rocket". When he finally succeeds in defeating his enemy, however, Peter realizes that the villain is himself, despite his protestations that Peter is meant to be the hero.


In the hospital, Peter experiences more flashes from his dream, including an unknown bearded man laughing at him. Once again he sees his hands begin glowing with energy. As Nathan approaches, Peter tells him that he "took his power" and that he can't control it. Nathan asks to help, but Peter tells him he can't. Nathan tells him that he's not going to leave him. Eventually, Peter begins glowing with energy as before and explodes. The resulting explosion can be seen killing Nathan and Simone and destroying many buildings. Peter awakens in the hospital screaming.

During the dream, Peter also sees flashes of the bearded man stealing money from a woman's purse and holding him against a telephone pole. After awakening, Peter sees the man stealing money as depicted in the dream and is held against a pole by him after Peter confronted the man as the dream depicted.

The Fix

When Claude asks how Peter found him on the roof of the Deveaux building, Peter tells him that he saw where Claude would be in his dreams and believes that it indicates Claude is meant to help him control his powers.

The Hard Part

Discussing the explosion with Claire, Peter tells her about his having seen himself exploding, referring to his dreams of the explosion. When Peter mentions how he explodes like a nuclear bomb, Claire recognizes it as Ted Sprague's ability, helping Peter to figure out how he will explode. When the two tell Nathan about Ted and how he might be the bomb instead, Nathan reminds Peter that his dreams showed that Peter would explode, not Ted. Peter tells Nathan that his dreams also showed that Peter would fly "and we know how that turned out for you."


Peter talks to Ted about their need to leave the city as they could both cause the explosion. Ted is skeptical about leaving when he came to destroy the Company's tracking system and Peter is basing this off of a painting. Peter tells him its also due to his dreams and Matt reads Peter's mind and is able to tell he's telling the truth. Eventually, Peter is able to convince Ted to flee.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter blacks out on the street outside a parking garage, where he has lost Claire and run away from Nathan after losing control of his new ability. He has a vision where he sees himself, Simone, Angela, and Charles Deveaux, on the rooftop of Charles's apartment the day Peter began caring for Charles.

Unnoticed by all, Peter eavesdrops on a conversation between his past self and Simone in which she thanks him for taking care of her father and calls him a hero. Later, he listens to his mother speak with her old friend Charles. Angela believes Peter is insecure and weak and can't "get out of his own way," and that Nathan is the strong one who will save them all. Charles disagrees. He sees hope and compassion in Peter's eyes.

After Angela leaves, Charles says, "I know you're there, Peter", apparently using his telepathy to interact with Peter in the dream. Peter says he is uncertain if this experience is a dream, or time travel, or something else entirely. Charles says it doesn't matter, that Peter has come here to hear what he needs to learn to save the world. Charles says that Peter has the ability to love unconditionally, and it is this power that will save them all. Charles then calls to past-Peter, who calls him "Mr. Deveaux" as he wheels him inside. Charles tells past-Peter to call him Charles.

Peter hears his name being called and wakes up on the street to Noah.

During his fight with Sylar, Peter loses control of his new ability once more and can't bring it under control. As in his dreams, Peter starts to explode, though elements of what actually happens is different from the dreams. After a conversation similar to the one he had in his second dream of the explosion, Nathan flies Peter high into the sky where he harmlessly detonates, sparing New York City from being damaged by the explosion.

Truth & Consequences

While telling Adam Monroe about the outbreak future, Peter has a vision of it where he sees himself and Caitlin being dragged away by a hazmat team after their recent arrival there. When Peter snaps out of it, Adam tells him that he was telling him about his desire to return to the future to save Caitlin then started screaming her name. The two notice that Peter is holding an evacuation notice he'd picked up in the dream.

The Second Coming

Angela confronts Future Peter and reveals her knowledge of his real identity. When Future Peter questions how she knows, Angela tells him that his dreams came from copying her ability.

I Am Become Death

When asked by Peter how he knows that the world will be destroyed as a result of people being granted abilities, Future Peter tells Peter that along with painting it, he has dreamed it.

Close to You

As a result of learning of Angela's dream about Emma, Peter replicates her ability. That night, Peter has either the same dream as Angela or one very similar: in his dream, Emma is sitting in the Carnival's House of Mirrors playing her cello. There are a lot of people screaming in the background and Emma is tearful and upset. Then Sylar arrives and says he has come to save her, reaching out his hand as Emma looks up and smiles. Following this dream, Peter destroys Emma's cello in an attempt to avert these events.

The Art of Deception

Peter has a similar dream to the one he had previously, except this time the people can be seen running in the background and Eric Doyle is standing very close to Emma, controlling her. Emma has bloody fingers from playing too much, and her blood is on the cello's strings. Sylar also appears much less calm than he previously did, and seems desperate to help Emma. Emma is also no longer in the House of Mirrors.

Brave New World

At the Carnival, Samuel shows Emma the cello he wants her to use to bring people to the Carnival. Emma remembers what Peter told her about his dream and confronts Samuel about it. When Samuel acts indifferent, Emma realizes that Peter was right and refuses to help Samuel. In response, Samuel has Eric Doyle force Emma to play for him.

Accompanied by Sylar, Peter travels to the Carnival in Central Park and realizes that its the scene from his dream. Sylar tells him to go stop Samuel while Sylar rescues Emma. When Peter hesitates, Sylar reminds him that it was Sylar, not Peter who rescued Emma in the dream. As depicted in the dream, Sylar goes to rescue Emma and is confronted by Doyle. With the help of Emma, Sylar defeats Doyle and succeeds in rescuing Emma as the dream depicted.

Memorable Quotes

"I keep having these amazing dreams every time I close my eyes."

- Peter (Genesis)

"It's all my fault ... the explosion ..."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's me."

- Peter, Nathan (Fallout)

"There has to be some way. If I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode."

"An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?"

"My dreams. This place. I found you for a reason. I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this."

- Peter, Claude (The Fix)


  • In an interview, Tim Kring states that Peter's exploding dream "had all kinds of strange surreal dream imagery in it." He also says, "I never intended for that to be a flash-forward. It's a dream. He falls to the ground and you zoom in on his face, and the next time you see him he's in a coma in the hospital. It has all the vocabulary of a dream. Greg Grunberg is in his police uniform, Claire is in her cheerleader uniform.... They're all in sort of primary colors. But he's had dreams before, and they've had premonition qualities to them."
  • The special title page for Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 1 by Phil Jimenez prominently features an artistic rendition of Peter's dream of himself exploding.
  • With Simone's death (Unexpected), it would appear that Peter's dreams are not accurate images of future events. The dream he had while in the hospital (Godsend) showed her alive up until the explosion.
  • In the original script for Close to You, the scene depicting Peter's dream of Emma playing the cello at the carnival calls for blood to be "clearly" dripping from Emma's fingers. No such blood was evident in the filmed version of the scene. However, Peter's dream from The Art of Deception shows blood on Emma's fingers and her cello.
  • In Truth and Consequences, Peter has a dream while awake. He also manifests an evacuation notice he was holding in the vision. Neither event ever happens again with his dreams.
  • Peter's dreams in Close to You and the Art of Deception appear to be two different but similar dreams, showcased by the change of locations and the fact that Emma is willingly playing though upset in one and Eric Doyle controls her in the other. This change likely reflects the fact that Emma remembers what Peter told her of his first dream and Samuel is forced to have Doyle control her instead since she refused to do so willingly due to what Peter told her.
  • The dream in Godsend possesses elements that actually did come true when Peter exploded: in the dream he tells Nathan "I took his power, I can't control it" and Nathan says "I'm not leaving you." Both in fact said these things during How to Stop an Exploding Man when Peter started to explode and Nathan showed up to help. However, other elements of their dialogue are different.


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