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* [[Campaign manager]]
* [[Campaign manager]]
* Emily
* Emily
* [[Jim (campaign worker)|Jim]]
* [[Marty]]
* [[Marty]]
* [[Nathan Petrelli]]
* [[Nathan Petrelli]]

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Petrelli for Congress offices
Campaign headquarters.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Campaign headquarters

Nathan Petrelli and his campaign manager work on Nathan's Congressional campaign from a campaign headquarters located in New York, NY.

Notable Locations

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Peter Petrelli gets out of Mohinder's cab and enters his brother Nathan's campaign headquarters. Nathan is inside on the phone with Mr. Linderman, and Nathan says he'll call him back. Peter talks to his brother and tells him about the dreams he's having. His brother is very busy and tries to dismiss his dreams. Peter tells Nathan he believes he can fly. Nathan tries to get Peter to stop talking about it and doesn't want any mention of this to affect his margin in the polls. Nathan gets a call and finds that their mother has been arrested for shoplifting.

One Giant Leap

Peter again visits his brother's campaign headquarters to discuss what happened with Nathan. As usual, Nathan dismisses him, and Peter shows him a copy of Activating Evolution by Chandra Suresh which he checked out of the library. Nathan tells him that a reporter is investigating Peter's apparent suicide attempt.


Peter has a vision of the events leading up to the explosion in New York City. Nathan is seen exiting the campaign headquarters.

The Hard Part

Peter and Claire go to campaign headquarters to speak to Nathan -- but so does Thompson.


Peter gets out of Mohinder's cab and walks into Nathan's campaign headquarters.



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