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Phasing is the ability to move through solid matter.


D.L. Hawkins is the only character known to have this ability.


DL can use this power selectively: he can make part of his body immaterial while other parts remain solid. This means that he can reach through a solid object and manipulate something on the other side.

DL consistently causes anything he is wearing to "phase" with him, showing that he can make things other than his own body become immaterial. The amount of material that he can affect this way is unknown.

When DL phases through something, the surface of the material distorts as if liquified.

DL can phase through human beings. This can be harmful to the other person. Whether such interaction is always harmful or DL must partially re-solidify inside them is unknown.

DL's phasing ability apparently requires active concentration.


  • DL phased through the wall of Niki's house. (Hiros, Better Halves)
  • DL phased his arm into Niki's chest, incapacitating her. (Better Halves)
  • DL put his hand through a closed car window to unlock the door. (Nothing to Hide)
  • DL reached through a cabin door to unlock it from the inside. (Fallout)

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Phasing for fan-created theories and other speculation.