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Pinehearst's files
Linderman's files.jpg
Pinehearst's files

First mentioned: Angels and Monsters
Owned by: Arthur Petrelli
Current status: In the possession of Daphne Millbrook and Hiro Nakamura

Pinehearst's files are the Pinehearst Company's files with documents about evolved humans and humans of interest to the company.


Angels and Monsters

Maury (as Linderman), gives Daphne files on at least three evolved humans: Mohinder, Knox, and Usutu.

Dying of the Light

Daphne gives Linderman's file on Usutu to Hiro when she assigns him to capture Usutu. Daphne pages through Pinehearst's files on Matt and Hiro at JFK airport.

It's Coming

In the Pinehearst building, Arthur Petrelli thumbs through Kaito Nakamura's file and Claire Bennet's file.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Mohinder searches through Pinehearst's electronic files for Maya's address. On his computer, he also has a file pulled up for his test subject.

File Transcripts

Some of the files are legible. With ? replacing illegible words, they read as follows:

Matt's File

Source: A Birth Certificate

...Live Births
..., CA 90028

...(State file...
...5. Date of Birth/06/10/1968...
...7. If not single, this child born/First, Second, ...
...12. Race/White...
...(bi)rthdate/...9 15. Age/26 15a. Social Secur(ity).../546-54-5...
..., CA, 91401

Mohinder's File

Source: Dental Records

...Mohinder Suresh    Birth Date 4 8 74    Social Security No 1??-4-5368
...? 341 Malden Court #316 New York, NY, 11201...
...? 98 S Kenmore, Miami, CA 33102...
...? Professor Occupation ?...
...? Chandra Suresh Physician Dr. Jennifer Habef?...
Name of Group Dental Plan The Dental Group    Group Plan No 14548-587
...? No Cavities! Great alignment.

Nakamuras' Files

Source: A Pinehearst Document

The Nakamura Family
100 Yamagato Industries Way
Tokyo, Japan

Kaito Nakamura
Date of Birth: 4/20/1937 Weight: 145lbs
Height: 5'8"

Kaito was the CEO of Yamagato Indus(tries i)n Japan. He was
also one of the Co-founders of Prima(tech)...
(Lin)derman and Adam Monroe. He was i...
but based on the advice of Victoria P(ratt)...(h)e created fail safe...
(infor)mation from getting out. He found a ...n on it and
shortly after was pushed off the roof...

Bennets' File

Source: A Pinehearst Document

The Bennet Family
26008 ? Ave
Costa Verde, CA, 90064

Noah Bennet aka Noah Butler
Date of Birth: ?/?/??
Height: ?'?"

Noah was a valuable worker for our ? ...
? like the Haitian and Claude Rains. ...

Sandra Bennet a.k.a. Sandra Butler
Date of Birth: ?/?/??
Height: ?'?"


Claire Bennet a.k.a. Claire Butle(r)
Date of Birth: 1/11/91 Weight: 109lbs
Height: 5'1" (Eye) Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde

Claire is the adopted daughter of Noah & Sandra Bennet. Her biological parents
are Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon. Currently she is a high school stu-
dent, and has been members of both the Odessa and Costa Verde cheerleading
? . More particularly distinguishing Claire has the rare ability to heal herself due to
rapid cell regeneration. We have reason to believe that she is "special" and
? be of ? ? ?.

Lyle Bennet a.k.a Lyle Butler



Pinehearst has files on several people, including:


  • Kaito's and Claire's files also include information on their respective families. Although much of this information is illegible, it reveals that Noah Bennet's height is 6'2".

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