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Pinehearst Company

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Pinehearst Company
Location: Fort Lee, NJ
Purpose: Biotech Research
First appearance The Second Coming
Known leaders: Arthur Petrelli (deceased),
Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Known members: Present:
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Flint Gordon, Jr.,
Carla Klaus,
Knox (deceased),
Dr. Livitz (deceased),
Maury Parkman (deceased),
Tracy Strauss,
Mohinder Suresh,
Aaron Taylor,
Priscilla Van Cleef

Samir Mellouk,
Daphne Millbrook,
Hiro Nakamura,

In a possible future:
Claire Bennet,
The Haitian,
Knox (deceased),
Ando Masahashi,
Daphne Millbrook (deceased)
Affiliated sites: Pinehearst Headquarters

The Pinehearst Company is a biotechnology company with connections to evolved humans.


According to their site, Pinehearst Company is working on becoming one of the nation's leading biotechnology companies through their products of superior quality and innovative methods. They hope to help build the future with their products in the fields of medicine, science, and technology. Current projects include the Energy Initiatives to study climate change and energy consumption, and the Biotech Training Program, focused on enhancing the nation's biotechnology industry.

Notable Employees

Additionally, in a possible future, the following people were employed by Pinehearst:


The Second Coming

In the future, Claire wears a Pinehearst pin on her lapel.

Ando also wears the pin in the future as he fights to obtain the formula.

I Am Become Death

In the future, Daphne, Knox, Claire, and the Secret Service wear Pinehearst pins on their lapels. Later, President Nathan Petrelli speaks in front of a Pinehearst building.

Graphic Novel:Resistance

Three years into the future, Daphne and Claire chat at Pinehearst about catching criminals, when an explosion occurs, killing everyone but Claire and Daphne.

Angels and Monsters

Stephen Canfield shows Claire a card with the Pinehearst Logo and asks her if she is" one of them", after she told him, she doesn't work for The Company. Daphne Millbrook takes direction from a figment of Linderman at the Pinehearst building. Arthur Petrelli resides at the Pinehearst building, bedridden. Maury Parkman visits Arthur while a doctor attends.

Dying of the Light

Daphne Millbrook assigns new member Hiro to retrieve Usutu. Knox brings Adam to Arthur Petrelli who steals Adam's ability, killing Adam and reviving himself. As Linderman, Maury Parkman instructs Daphne to recruit Matt Parkman. Matt and Daphne discuss the information she knows from his file and the information that he learned about her from his vision of the future. Daphne leaves and attempts to recruit Sylar at Level 5, and successfully recruits Flint. Daphne attempts to recruit Mohinder at his lab, and barely escapes after discovering his hive. Peter reads Angela's mind and sees the logo of the Pinehearst Company. Daphne returns to Matt and tells him that he is not a good fit for Pinehearst. Matt attempts to convince Daphne to leave Pinehearst, but she refuses his offer of protection. Peter arrives at the Pinehearst building and witnesses Arthur meeting with Knox, Daphne, Flint, and Maury. Arthur persuades Peter to embrace him and steals Peter's abilities.

Eris Quod Sum

Peter wakes up, chained down and astounded, with Arthur at his side. Arthur tries to explain that what he is doing is for the greater good. However, Peter, due to seeing the horrible future in which Pinehearst gives everyone synthetic abilities, is not convinced.

Mohinder brings Maya to Pinehearst, responding to the offer Daphne made him earlier. After receiving a brief greeting from Arthur, Mohinder tells him that all he wants is to take Maya's suffering away. Arthur then takes all traces of her ability away, right before Mohinder's eyes. Walking down a hallway, Mohinder asks Arthur if he would remove his abilities as well. Arthur then answers the question with yet another question and asks Mohinder if he really wants to be normal again. Rethinking it over, Mohinder says that he needs to find a way to reverse the side effects, but retain his ability. Arthur shows Mohinder to a lab where both halves of the formula are shown plainly on two monitors. Arthur asks Mohinder if he can further their research, saying that a fresh injection may be what he needs to cure his unwanted mutations. Mohinder is hesitant at first, but then says that he will need test subjects.

Daphne returns to Pinehearst and finds Arthur, Maury, and Knox in Arthur's office. Because she failed to recruit Matt, Arthur assigns her to kill him. Daphne and Maury refuse the idea, but to show his intensity, Arthur telekinetically snaps Maury's neck. Daphne arrives at Mohinder's apartment and holds a gun to Matt. Matt convinces her to put it down, and Daphne tells him about the death of his father.

Peter is taken to the lab to be Mohinder's first test subject. He tries to convince Mohinder that they must prevent the future from coming true, but after he tells Mohinder that he looked like a monster in the future, Mohinder comments that it is too late. Mohinder is about to inject Peter with the unproven formula, but Sylar arrives just in time. Sylar telekinetically throws Mohinder against the wall and kills Dr. Livitz. Sylar frees Peter, telling him that that is what brothers do. However, before they can leave, Mohinder attacks Sylar. Mohinder repeatedly beats Sylar's head against the floor and punches him in the face. Arthur tries to stop Peter from escaping, but Peter gets away, anyway. Arthur then stops Mohinder, and tells him that Sylar is his son.

Back in his office, Arthur has Sylar telekinetically suspended in the air and talks to Flint about Peter's escape. After Flint leaves to try and find Peter, Arthur talks to Sylar about Angela. Saying that she had tried to murder him when he was just a baby, he attempts to change Sylar's perspective.

Peter, trying to escape from Pinehearst by avoiding everyone in the hallways, nearly runs into Mohinder, yet manages to escape his glance. Mohinder does, however, see Maya in the lobby below. Peter sneaks into the elevator, and Mohinder catches up with her. Maya tells him to stay back, still leery of him. Mohinder apologizes for all that he has done and tells her that he really did have feelings for her. Despite his apology, she leaves, saying that both he and she need to make amends for their sins.

Claire and Elle arrive outside of Pinehearst both seeking cures for their abilities.

Back inside Arthur's office, Peter finds Sylar, and tells them that they have to leave. However, Arthur comes in and tells Peter that they will not let the future that he saw come true. Sylar then telekinetically throws Peter out of the window. Peter lands beside Claire and Elle, and they rush to him. Claire asks him why he's not healing and Peter tells her that Arthur took his abilities. Claire asks for Elle's help in getting him to the car, but Elle says that she has to get her abilities taken away also and walks into Pinehearst.

In his office Arthur receives a phone call from Daphne. Daphne tells him that Matt thinks that she is on his side. Arthur commends her, and tells her not to "screw it up."

It's Coming

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Our Father

Nathan arrives and takes over control of Pinehearst from Arthur who is reluctant but decides to go with it. After Arthur gets the formula it is tested on a marine named Scott in the lab, granting him super-strength. As this is happening however, in Arthur's office he is confronted by Peter, The Haitian and Sylar and killed by Peter and Sylar leaving Nathan firmly in control of Pinehearst.


Nathan comes into Arthur's office and finds Peter there and Arthur dead. He mourns his father and he and Peter have a confrontation where Peter reveals he plans to destroy the formula and knocks Nathan out. He teams up with Knox and Flint to acomplish this. Knox guards Nathan while Peter and Flint go to destroy the formula. Mohinder tries to inject himself with it but it is stolen by Daphne to use on Ando and Flint knocks him out and he and Peter set to work on destroying the formula. Nathan intervenes and in the fight that follows, Flint ignites the formula setting the bulding on fire. Peter uses the formula to regain his powers and flies himself and Nathan out before Pinehearst explodes with Flint apparently still inside. Tracy and Mohinder escape before the explosion and meet up.

Heroes Evolutions

The company's website,, contains more information on the company.



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