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Primal rage

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Primal rage
IStory ch1 L5 guy3.jpg
Ricardo's eyes glow red when using his ability
Held by: Ricardo Silva
Ability to: Bring about uncontrollable rage in others

Primal rage is the ability to induce an instinctive and uncontrollable rage in others, as well as suppressing their conscious thinking.



When using his ability, Ricardo's eyes glow red. While the full extent of his ability is still unknown, he appears to be able to affect those in his proximity. Once affected by this ability, the victim appears to be overcome by an uncontrollable rage, fear, and sense of survival, which causes him or her to attack those nearby. The victim's rationality is also affected: most do not remember well what happened to them (Operation Splinter).

According to Mohinder, this ability operates by strengthening the instinctive, animal part of the mind, while weakening the higher-form, conscious aspect of the mind. He suggests that if the cognitive functions of a person were impaired, Ricardo would be able to use his ability much more easily, allowing him to transform crowds into angry mobs (Operation Bad Blood).


  • Ricardo used his ability to force a Kill Squad member and a Primatech employee to fight against each other (chapter 2 of Operation Splinter).
  • Ricardo used his ability to distract Pinehearst scientists while he abducted Anna. (chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood)
  • Ricardo used his ability when forcing people out of his apartment building, and unwittingly forced the Primatech contracted player to aim at Anna. (chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood)
  • In Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City, Ricardo used his ability on Anna so that she would use her ability on the crowded streets outside. However, an eclipse occurred that turned off both of their abilities before she could do so. (chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood)
  • At the Rowland dam, Ricardo uses his ability to bring on rage in the Primatech and Pinehearst contractors, but he turns off his ability before they are forced to harm anyone. Later, Ricardo uses his ability to distract some of the Kill Squad members. (chapter 6 of Operation Splinter)


  • A Pinehearst scientist suggests that Ricardo's ability works by releasing pheromones. It appears that he was not fully affected by this power because he had a cold.

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