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Quentin Frady

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Quentin Frady
Quentin poster.jpg
Portrayed by Henry Zebrowski
First appearance Dark Matters, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Alias Jim Fitzgerald
Nickname Q
Age 30
Date of birth August 10, 1985
Place of birth Colorado Springs, CO
Home Colorado Springs, CO
Residence Modern apartment in Colorado Springs
Occupation formerly a data entry clerk for Renautas
Parents Mrs. Frady,
Mr. Frady (divorced)
Sibling Phoebe Frady (half sister)

Quentin Frady is the half-brother of Phoebe Frady who accompanies Noah Bennet on his quest to find Claire's children and ensure that they fulfil their destiny to save the world. Unknown to Noah, Quentin is actually a spy feeding information back to Erica Kravid, who has the opposite goal. In the original timeline, Quentin fought against Renautas when they abducted his sister and was eventually killed by her, but due to a change in the timeline Phoebe convinced Quentin to join them instead.

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

Quentin is playing a video game in his apartment when his sister, Phoebe, tells him that she has to show him something. He reluctantly turns the game off and follows Phoebe to her bedroom, where he is instructed to hold her phone and use it to record her shadow. Quentin watches her use her ability to wave at him with her shadow without actually moving herself, revealing that she is an evolved human. Quentin is amazed, and exclaims how cool it is to have an "evo" sister. They return to the couch, and Quentin asks her more questions about her ability, such as when she discovered it and whether her mother knew. She replies that she discovered it about 2-3 years ago, and that Quentin is the only person she has told.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

Quentin accompanies Phoebe on her first day at South Western College to help her carry her things and get settled in. When they arrive in her dorm room, Phoebe finds the new camcorder Quentin bought her among her things. He tells her that he thinks she should keep making videos, because her story is inspiring and her ability "badass". She thanks him, and introduces him to Aly when she arrives. Quentin makes sure that Aly is "cool" with Phoebe's ability before he leaves. When he is gone, Aly remarks that he is "kind of adorable".

Much later, back at his apartment, Quentin asks Phoebe why she didn't tell him that she was having nightmares again. She storms off, but Quentin follows her and tells her not to be mad at Aly for telling him because they are both worried about her. Quentin tries to reassure her that her nightmares aren't real, but Phoebe disagrees and rejects his ideas to help her. After a short conversation, Quentin persuades her to abstain from using her power for a while, in case that is what's causing her nightmares.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Quentin attends a pro-evo demonstration that Phoebe and Aly organized outside South Western College. When a counter-protest arrives and things turn nasty, Quentin is powerless to stop Phoebe being arrested by a riot officer.

Later, Quentin accompanies Phoebe when she is forced to register her ability with the Department of Homeland Security. After the registration, Quentin tells her how worrying it is that registration is becoming mandatory. He tells her about the worsening treatment of evos in Russia and China, but Phoebe doesn't want to think about it.

Quentin and Phoebe attend an internship fair at South Western College. When Phoebe hands a recruiter her evo ID card, Quentin witnesses the recruiter deny her an application because she is an evo. He angrily tells the recruiter that he has her discriminatory behavior on tape and leaves with his sister. On the way out, they are confronted by M. F. Harris, who tells Phoebe about Renautas and gives her his card. Quentin thinks that Harris is creepy, and tells Phoebe that she only liked the recruiter because he looks like Blade.

That night, Phoebe tells Quentin that if she can't get an internship she wants to go to the Odessa Unity Summit. Quentin thinks that it is a bad idea, which angers Phoebe and causes her to storm off.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

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Brave New World

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Under the Mask

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The Needs of the Many

Quentin and Noah wait inside Renautas's gates and attempt to conceive of a plan to enter the restricted areas of the building to obtain information. While they wait outside, he states how he believes they have weaponized Phoebe's ability and bears witness to the aurora Malina created, alongside Noah.

Quentin and Noah manage to apprehended Taylor after Quentin distracts her with sushi. After Noah holds her at gunpoint, he voices his concern for his sister and his intention to discover what happened to her on June 13, but is berated by Taylor for that. After Noah convinces Taylor to help them break into the facility, Quentin follows them into Renautas's restricted area. After the party encounters and kills three Harris clones, they enter a room containing some of the evos captured by Renautas — all of whom are comatose, wired into machinery, and strapped into chairs. He runs through the room, attempting to find his sister who is not present there.

Quentin witnesses Molly Walker's suicide using the Company's gun, and flees the room with Noah and Taylor.

The Lion's Den

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Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Erica tells Phoebe that if she cannot cover the Odessa Unity Summit with darkness, Quentin will die along with everyone else.

June 13th, Part Two

On June 13, 2014, Quentin rushes into St. Jude's Hospital and asks the desk worker if his sister Phoebe has been admitted. The desk worker tells him to check the ER, so he thanks her and leaves. In the ER, Quentin sees Erica and Harris, and runs into a stairwell and panics. When Quentin hears a thud against the door, he opens it and sees that an injured Erica has fallen against it. Seizing the opportunity to get answers from her, Quentin drags her inside and asks her about Phoebe. Erica recognizes Quentin and tells him that if he does not help her, he will never see his sister again.

Later, Quentin enters Erica's hospital room and tells her that he knows that she framed Mohinder with a shapeshifter and that she used Phoebe's ability to dampen the abilities of everyone else at the summit. Erica neither confirms or denies that he is correct, but agrees to let Quentin see Phoebe for helping her. Quentin is taken to Phoebe, who tells him that he has Renautas all wrong and that Erica is going to save the world. Phoebe sits Quentin down and begins to further convince him of Renautas's goals.

When Noah Bennet arrives back in the present, he sees that Quentin is now alive due to the change in the timeline caused by shooting Erica. Quentin scolds Noah for disappearing without him. Quentin realizes that Noah's travel through time was a success, and excitedly asks him what he discovered. Noah tells Quentin that Claire died giving birth to twins. When Noah walks away to find his gun, Quentin calls Erica and tells her about Claire's children.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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11:53 to Odessa

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Heroes Evolutions

The Odessa Report

Quentin's voice is heard in the report stating how awesome his sister's ability is.


  • In an interview, Dark Matters writer Zach Craley shed some light on Quentin's parentage. Zach said that Phoebe and Quentin share a mother, but have different fathers. Phoebe's mother kept her last name of Frady so Quentin and Phoebe would have the same last name. Phoebe was raised by her single mom and hasn't spoken with him since he left. Zach guessed that Phoebe's father probably has an ability because Phoebe inherited an ability, but Quentin did not.


  • According to his fake passport, Quentin was born August 10, 1985, in Colorado Springs, CO. However, there is no way to verify whether this is truthful, or if it is fake information like the rest of the passport. Additionally, according to his fake license, Quentin was born February 21, 2015, which is clearly not correct. Also according to the fake license, Quentin lives at 33 Henning Avenue in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Quentin didn't graduate, but he has an online degree. (Dark Matters, Part 2)

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