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Rapid cell regeneration

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Claire watches her hand regenerate after it is mangled in a garbage disposal.

Rapid Cell Regeneration is the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of any time from seconds to minutes.


Claire Bennett is the only known character to have this ability.


Claire had to replace her broken and displaced ribs before she could heal.
  • This ability does not move displaced parts of the body back into the correct location. After filming the videotape, Claire had to manually re-insert her displaced ribs before the flesh on her ribcage would heal (Genesis), and Peter Petrelli had to manually rotate his broken foot to the correct orientation before it would heal while he was mimicing Claire's power (Homecoming).
  • This ability is impeded by foreign objects lodged in the brain. After Claire dies, she did not begin to regenerate until the coroner removed the tree branch lodged in her brain. This is presumably due to the importance of the brain in the nature of evolved humans as theorised by Chandra Suresh. (One Giant Leap)


  • Claire recorded a videotape of her seriously injuring herself and recovering from the injuries every time. (Genesis)
  • Claire had her hand caught and mangled in a garbage disposal only for it to heal completely in a matter of minutes. (Genesis)
  • Claire awakened on the autopsy table after a tree branch was removed from her brain, effectively having regenerated back to life. (One Giant Leap)
  • Claire survived a head on collision when driving a car into a wall without lasting injury. (Collision, Hiros)
  • Both Claire and Peter completely regenerated injuries inflicted by Sylar. (Episode:Homecoming)
  • Claire's hand was accidentally pushed through a plate of glass and healed completely very quickly. (Six Months Ago)

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Rapid cell regeneration for fan-created theories and other speculation.