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Ray Bravo

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Ray Bravo
Ray Bravo.jpg
Title Graphic designer/artist
Date of birth 21 August 1947
Origin Calexico, CA, USA
Gender Male

Ray Bravo designed the graphics for the Season Three Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere show.


Ray Bravo works as a designer for the NBC's "M.A.G.I.C. Room", which does all the on-air promotion for NBC shows. For instance, Ray has done graphics work for NBC's The More You Know public service announcements, and created a variety of logo designs, including a collaboration on the Last Call with Carson Daly logo and the Arena Football League logo.

Some of Ray's other television work has included doing the main title design for the television special Bowl of Beings (a.k.a. Great Performances, 1992), the titles for the television series Hot Country Nights (1991), and graphics for the television special No Hell Like Home (a.k.a. First Person With Maria Shriver, 1993), and the iVillage Live website (which aired on NBC). He did a short video in 1991 which aired on KCET. This video was included in the 11th American Film Institute National Video Festival in 1991, and the Dallas Video Festival in 1992; in 2008, Ray was invited to participate in an outdoor video installation at the J. Paul Getty Art Museum where the video was shown again.

In 1981, Ray created one hundred illustrations in a single month for Bob Enders's The Princess and the Goblin (read by Glenda Jackson), in which the only animation consisted of the camera moving on his paintings. In 1980, Ray did some illustrations of prehistoric landscapes to be used as backgrounds for painted dinosaurs as part of the effects on Cosmos, a PBS series by Carl Sagan.

In addition to his on-air graphics works, Ray Bravo has done many artworks including other video segments, paintings, watercolors and other creations that include graphite and wood carvings. Prior to working in television, Ray taught art classes at East Los Angeles College and Long Beach City College part-time in the 1980's.


  • To design the graphics for Countdown to the Premiere, Ray took several high resolution jpgs of Heroes graphic novel pages. He then assembled a larger page as a base that could be panned or zoomed into a frame of video. He digitally painted the first frame of the video to look like one of the comic panels, and then dissolved into the moving video. The animating was created using After Effects and Flame.


  • Ray Bravo has an Associate of Arts degree in Advertising Art from Los Angeles Harbor College; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from California State College, Long Beach; and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing from Claremont Graduate School. He received his Masters degree in 1977 while working part-time at KNBC-TV doing news graphics.

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