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* [[Sylar]] remembers [[Samson Gray]] kill [[Sylar's mother|his mother]]. He decides to find his father and kill him.
* [[Peter]] brings the [[Flight 195's security footage|video footage of Flight 195's hostages]] to the nightly news, exposing [[Nathan]]'s operation.
===[[Episode:Shades of Gray|Shades of Gray]]===
===[[Episode:Shades of Gray|Shades of Gray]]===

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She wants revenge.jpg
Claire plans her revenge against Brody.

The characters in Heroes face problems, and are hurt. Sometimes, they decide to seek revenge.

Season One Recurrences

One Giant Leap

  • Peter punches his brother Nathan for taking political advantage of Peter's problems.



Nothing to Hide


Six Months Ago






Company Man

  • Ted struggles with wanting revenge for his wife's death and wanting the truth.


Season Two Recurrences

The Line

Out of Time

Cautionary Tales

Truth & Consequences


Season Three Recurrences

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

  • In the future, Claire aims her gun at Sylar's son because Sylar "took everything" from her.
  • After Knox kills Noah Gray, Sylar starts to beat him mercilessly and then explodes.

Angels and Monsters

Dying of the Light

  • After arranging his fake death, Hiro asks Ando how it feels to be murdered by his friend.

Eris Quod Sum

It's Coming

The Eclipse, Part 1

The Eclipse Part 2

  • Noah Bennet tries to kill Elle and Sylar for shooting Claire.
  • Noah succeeds in slitting Sylar's throat, killing him.
  • Sylar tries to slit Noah's throat in revenge.

Our Father


Trust and Blood

  • When Danko and his team shoot Daphne, Matt Parkman takes over the mind of a soldier and causes him to shoot at the others.
  • Matt states that he's going to hunt Danko until he gets revenge.
  • Luke Campbell tells his mother that his earlier fight was him getting revenge on boys spreading slander about her.

Cold Wars


Shades of Gray

Turn and Face the Strange


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Graphic Novel Recurrences

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Recurring Themes edit

Character connectionsChild vs. parentDeathFaith and religionFamilyFate vs. free willHeroismIronyLogic vs. emotionLonelinessLoyalty vs. treacheryMoral ambiguityOne punch knockoutPressure of responsibilityRevengeSacrificeSecrets and deceptionSpecialWomen in Refrigerators

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