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Ricky (trainee)

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Ricky (trainee).jpg
First appearance Reaching Out, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Green energy blast
Home Savannah, GA
Residence Specials training facility
Parent Unnamed parents

Ricky is an evolved human being trained by Tracy Strauss and Eli at the specials training facility.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Ricky executes some type of two-handed blast into an Eli clone, while practicing with his ability in the presence of Tracy and Eli at the new training facility. Later, Tracy commends Eli for helping Ricky practice his ability. However, Tracy later finds Eli trying to recruit Ricky into the carnival, and asks what Eli is doing. Eli asks Ricky to excuse them, saying that he has something to say to Tracy.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

Ricky notices an invisible person approaching Tracy with a knife and uses his green energy to blast the person back into sight. The woman, Becky, manages to escape and Tracy follows Eli, leaving Ricky alone in the kitchen. After disposing of Eli, Tracy remembers Ricky and quickly flash freezes the hallway and the kitchen, stopping Becky moments before she attacks a clueless Ricky. Later, as Tracy prepares to leave, Ricky apologizes for not being much help but Tracy assures him that he did good. She gives him the mission to look after the family and Ricky promises that he will.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ricky has the ability to send a blast of green energy out of his hands. The true nature of this energy and ability is currently unknown. However, the energy was strong enough to disintegrate an Eli's clone and knock an invisible Becky Taylor so hard that she became visible once more.

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