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Robb Conner

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Robb Conner
Also known as Rob Wagner
Character Ezekiel
Origin Deptford, NJ, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Robb Conner is the actor who portrays Ezekiel.


Robb worked for three years in Atlantic City dealing craps before being recruited by Mirage Resort Casinos in Las Vegas. He worked in Vegas for nine years, and then in Biloxi, Mississippi for three. During that time, he lived in New Orleans, and survived Hurricane Katrina.

Robb decided to begin working on his next career in Los Angeles, searching for roles on many casino-based movie and television series, most notably on the shows Las Vegas and Viva Laughlin (on which he both acted and worked as a casino consultant). Robb also began performing in Eavesdropper, Los Angeles's longest running show, where he plays a record eighteen different characters in rotation. (He reprises the role of "Quinton" in the film adaptation.)

Throughout his career, Robb has worked in various capacities on many projects. He has been a stand-in on The Frighteners, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, and Las Vegas. Robb also worked on the television shows LA Forensics, 1-900, R&R with Robb & Reuben (of which he was a co-host), and Call 911. His film work includes Hana yori dango: Fainaru, Waiting... and Still Waiting... (where he did unspeakable things with garlic bread), Dancing Beast, Skeletons in the Closet, Richard III, Karma, and Flakes.

Some of Robb's commercial work includes ads for Podcaster, San Manuel Indian Casino, Showboat Hotel Casino, Budget Rent-A-Car, and a Lifetime PSA about date rape. His theater work includes Lysistrata, Balm in Gilead, A Crazy Cajun Coonass Christmas, At Life's Backdoor, Brecht on Brecht, and Nude on Stool.

Robb was also involved in several improvisation troupes, including "F That Live!" and "Creative Differences" (which he co-founded). His comedy work helped parlay him to be a "freak of nature" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He also worked on David Faustino's webisodes STARving.


  • Robb can stretch the skin on his face very far. It is because of this unique trait that he imagined his character Ezekiel to have the ability of elasticity.
  • Robb has been told that he resembles fellow carnival actor Robert Knepper, and can do a very good impression of him. It is because of this that some of Conner's scenes were cut, as he shared them with Knepper. It is also because of this that Robb decided to create a background for his character that included Ezekiel being somewhat of a "black sheep" of the family.

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