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Robert Fresco

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Robert Fresco

The late Robert Fresco, M.D.
First appearance Nothing to Hide
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Oncologist

Dr. Robert Fresco was an oncologist at UCLA. Karen Sprague was his patient.

Character History

Nothing to Hide

Audrey Hanson meets Matt Parkman at his police station in Los Angeles. She tells him she believes Sylar has killed again. The victim, Robert Fresco, is burned to a cinder and emitting massive levels of radiation. She tells Matt they found a fingerprint seared to the bone. Running it through the CODIS system, they come up with a match: Theodore Sprague.

When they investigate Ted's house, Matt finds a chemotherapy prescription in Karen Sprague's name, issued by Dr. Fresco. They visit her room in the hospital and find Ted, who confesses to accidentally killing the doctor with his powers when they argued about Karen's prognosis.