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Ronald Lawrence

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Ronald Lawrence
Ronald Lawrence.jpg
Also known as Ronald William Lawrence, Robert W. Lawrence
Character Carlos
Date of birth 1964
Origin North Trenton, NJ, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile
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Ronald Lawrence is the actor who portrays Carlos in the Heroes webisode, The Recruit.


Ronald Lawrence has acted in numerous television series and films. Ronald had a recurring role as "Officer Len Dorsey" on the television series Hunter (1990-1991), and guest starred in episodes of series including Tour of Duty (1987), Matlock (1988), Major Dad (1989), 21 Jump Street (1990), Dark Skies (1996), Judging Amy (2001), Medium (2005), ER (2005), Living with Fran (2006), and Bones (2008). Also in television, Ronald has acted in films like Leap of Faith (1988), When You Remember Me (1990), and Dying to Love You (1993). He has also appeared many moviehouse films including Spyder (1988), Eye of the Eagle 2 (1989), Eve of Destruction (1991), Rapid Fire (1992), Blackbelt II (1993), The Haunted Sea (1997), and The Ring (2002).

In addition to television and film, Ronald Lawrence is also a stage actor and appeared in the award-winning Broadway play The Kentucky Cycle during its run at Royale Theatre in 1993.


  • The Kentucky Cycle received the Tony Award for Best Play in 1994.

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