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|caption=[[Hero Truther]] sends [[Quentin Frady]] a message to "see more clearly".
|caption=[[Hero Truther]] sends [[Quentin Frady]] a message to "see more clearly".
[[Noah]] finds a card that says "'''see more clearly'''".
Several entities are admonished to "'''see more clearly'''".


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See more clearly
Hero Truther sends Quentin Frady a message to "see more clearly".

Several entities are admonished to "see more clearly".


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Hero Truther sends Quentin Frady a package. Inside is a card that has the HeroTruther eye on one side, and "see more clearly" written on the other side. Quentin quickly dismisses the card.

Brave New World

Wanting to find more about his past, Noah Bennet looks in his go-back hidden in a hole in the wall. He finds a business card for Lumiere Ophthalmology that simply says "See more clearly" on the back. At Lumiere, Dahlia asks if Noah remembers the doctor's name. He looks at the card and reads, "See more clearly". Dahlia mishears and replies, "Sorry, we have no doctor named Seymour." Noah explains that that's what is written on the card and holds it up for her to see.

Heroes Evolutions


The logo on the HeroTruther YouTube page says "see more clearly" along the bottom.

Brave New World

The eBook Brave New World contains a passage from Lumiere Ophthalmology's homepage. After advertising for Lasik surgery, the final line of the homepage says, "If you want to see clearly, come and see us!"


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