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Shooting range

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Shooting range
Location: Building 26
Purpose: Target practice for agents

Jason and Rachel Mills practice their marksmanship at a shooting range.

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Exodus

At the shooting range, Rachel Mills contemplates her recent actions. Suddenly, Danko appears with a bunch of agents, and shows Rachel a video message recorded by Jason Pierce which incriminates her. He orders Agent Harper to cuff Rachel, but Rachel teleports away. Danko realizes that Rachel is an evolved human, and orders her to be captured or killed.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Jason and Rachel Mills practice shooting at the firing range the day after Peter Petrelli breaks into Danko's apartment. After spending a long while there, Rachel notices Jason starting to get tired, but feels fine herself from having practiced so often by herself.

Despite being tired, Jason starts up another round of firing, and scores an eighty-six percent when he places down his pistol and stops the timer. He challenges Rachel to beat his score, but she claims to be done for the day. Danko then walks in and interrupts them. Danko gives Rachel and Jason orders to proceed on a mission to Costa Verde to capture Alex Woolsly. While they discuss the orders and Danko's additional instructions, Rachel's cell phone beeps with incoming text messages on the shooter's bench and they ignore it. When Danko leaves, Rachel turns around to get her cell phone, but Jason is already holding it. Rachel snatches it back from Jason, and ignores his question about her messages. She then presses the shooting range button and begins firing. Rachel impresses Jason with her precision, and he leaves her alone. When Jason is gone, Rachel proceeds to a trash can and drops her cell phone inside it.

In chapter 10 of The Agent,

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