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Special (theme)

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Special (theme)

Many characters in Heroes have described themselves, or others, as special.

Season One Recurrences


  • Peter asks Mohinder if he ever gets the feeling that he is special. Mohinder sarcastically replies, "Yes, we are all special." Mohinder then replies more seriously, and says that there are certain individuals who are more special because of their unique genetic code.
  • Hiro tells Ando that he wants to be special, not homogeneous yogurt.
  • Sandra tells Claire that she should know who she is and know that it's enough, because who she is is special.

Don't Look Back

  • Mohinder talks to Eden, explaining that his father tried to find a way to identify people who were special.


  • While Matt is confined to a Company bed, he tells Mr. Bennet that he is not the person they think he is, that he is a nobody. Mr. Bennet says that that's not true, and that he is someone, someone very special. When Matt tries to read Bennet's mind, Bennet points out that the Haitian is special too.


  • Hiro sees Nathan flying, and later tells him that they are both special.
  • Mr. Bennet threatens Brody, and explains that Claire is a very special girl.

Better Halves

  • Zach tells Claire that being a freak makes her more special.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Mohinder's mother says to Mohinder that Shanti was special.
  • Mr. Bennet tells Isaac that a man named Sylar is going to kill Claire because Claire is special like him. Mr. Bennet continues to tell Isaac that he is not the only one with special abilities, and that there are others, whom Sylar is killing one at a time.


  • Claire tells Peter that Jackie isn't that special. Peter points out that the act of saving a man from a fire is what he would call special.

Six Months Ago

  • Gabriel Gray orates to Chandra that he has always wanted to be different and special.
  • After Chandra conducts a few tests on Gabriel, he concludes that Gabriel may not have a special ability.


  • Mr. Bennet points out to Sylar that everyone else the Company has met has had only one ability, while he has taken on several. Sylar replies that it's what makes him special. When Mr. Bennet rhetorically asks Sylar if being special is important to him, Sylar responds that it is important to everyone.
  • Bennet visits Sylar's cell again, and Sylar tells him that the two of them are quite alike in that they both collect special people.


The Fix

  • Claude, annoyed with Peter, tells him that there is no Sunday school for the special.
  • While Hiro and Ando are being pursued by strange men, Hiro suggests to Ando that they are being chased because Hiro is special. Later, when the duo are captured, Hiro, asserting that he is special, offers himself to trade for un-special Ando.



  • Ando complains to Hiro that whenever he wants to do something, it's not important to Hiro, and brings up Charlie and Linderman. Hiro says, "Charlie was special."
  • Zane Taylor explains to Sylar that he has never been different or special, and that no one would even look at him twice walking down the street.



  • When Isaac and Sylar meet for the first time, Sylar asks Isaac if he sees "some special future" for him.

Five Years Gone

  • While Hiro is being held captive by Matt Parkman (explosion future), he notices that Matt is special like him. He asks him why he wants to hurt other special people.
  • Sylar, disguised as Nathan, meets Claire, and tells her that they are special. Sylar continues and says that he is the most special person there is, and that he has met a lot of special people.

The Hard Part

  • Molly doesn't believe her ability is amazing, but Mohinder does, stating that it is a very special ability.
  • Virginia Gray suggests to her son that he call Mr. Bilger to get a job because Mr. Bilger said that Sylar was very talented and very special.
  • Later, Sylar tells his mother that maybe he doesn't have to be special.


  • After Hiro has his sword broken by Sylar, Ando encourages Hiro, reminding him that he wanted to be special, and he is.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...

  • Noah warns Claire that she cannot afford to be any more special than the rest of her classmates, if the family want to stay safe. Later, she speaks with her father on the phone, telling him she's not sure if she can maintain the pretense.

The Kindness of Strangers

  • Monica tells Camille that she is special, but that God is punishing her for her selfishness.

Fight or Flight

The Line

Season Three Recurrences

The Second Coming

The Butterfly Effect

  • Claire asks Peter what Sylar meant when he said she was special, and Peter said it was his fault.

One of Us, One of Them

  • As Sylar lies within the Company facility, Angela tells him that he is special, and must be strong for what is to come.

Angels and Monsters

  • Adam Monroe indicates that a particular bar is a place to go for "specials-to-hire".

Dying of the Light


  • Elle assures Sylar that he is special just the way he is.

The Eclipse, Part 1

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • Before cutting his throat, Noah tells Sylar he always wanted to be special, now he is a nobody.


  • After Peter asks why Flint and Knox want to destroy Mohinder's lab and the formula, Flint says that if the formula becomes available to more and more people, he and Knox won't be "so special no more".

I Am Sylar

Graphic Novel Recurrences

Webisode Recurrences

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