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Season: Four
Episode number: 410
First aired: November 2009
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This article contains archived spoilers about Thanksgiving. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) hosts an nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table. Meanwhile, Samuel (Robert Knepper) continues to hold Hiro (Masi Oka) hostage, as Lydia (guest star Dawn Olivieri) goes in search for the truth. Greg Grunberg, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Cristine Rose and Milo Ventimiglia also star. Ashley Crow, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Madeline Zima, Ray Park, Harry Perry, Elisabeth Rohm, Andrew Connolly also guest star.

Published Spoilers

Fan Theories

  • This episode takes place on Thanksgiving.
  • This episode involves someone giving "thanks".
    • Peter will "thank" his mother for protecting him with her lies and illusions.
    • Matt will restore Sylar's memories, and Sylar will give him thanks.
      • A Petrelli Thanksgiving, "Nathan"'s last with his family, it will be a shock to Angela as she had this whole thing pegged for Christmas. "Damn, useless ability!"
    • Nathan will thank everybody for "rescuing" him but he must say his farewell.
  • Angela's addiction to Xanax will be brought to the dinner table at family feast.
  • Claire will return home to have dinner with a broken Bennet family, and a lonely Noah, perhaps ready to announce his blossoming relationship with Tracy. All while keeping her secret of having murdered the villainous Gretchen!
  • Noah and Sandra will reunite this episode.
  • This episode will have a Thanksgiving dinner at the carnival. Samuel will reflect on his relationship with Joseph, while Peter and Angela will share a dinner. Peter will notice Nathan's absence and become angry or concerned.
  • The unexpected visitor at the Petrelli's Thanksgiving dinner will be Sylar; shapeshifting from Nathan to himself.
  • It will be revealed that Samuel in fact killed Joseph.