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Survival messages

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Survival messages

Participants in the Heroes: Survival game receive in-game messages from their heroes and contacts.

First mentioned: July 2, 2009

Users who participate in Heroes: Survival receive frequent messages from their characters.

Signing up for messages

To access the in-game messages, users must first a create one or more characters for the game. The option to start a first character is on the main page of the game.

Wellness messages

Users can periodically access a message related to one of their heroes' wellness status on the hero's profile. After clicking the 'send assistance' button that appears with the message related a particular hero; each user must wait a random period, normally a few hours, before the next wellness message can be accessed for that hero. After a user clicks to 'send assistance' to a hero, the hero's health is partially restored, and its rating and experience point totals are increased. Wellness messages are chosen at random from a static set of messages, which include:

  • Your Hero has sent a quick update: "Everything seems okay. Thanks for checking in."
  • Your Hero has sent a note: "There's a guy at work who is being a real jerk to one of my co-workers. I bet my ability could stop the situation in its tracks. So frustrating."
  • You receive a note from your Hero: "Not feeling well. Think it's a side effect of my ability. Can't go to hospital! Do you have any advice?"
  • You receive a note from your Hero: "I am working on my hideout, in case something goes wrong. I need fresh supplies. Can you help me out?"
  • There's an urgent message from one of your contacts: "An old Building 26 database was accidentally turned over the FBI! A file on your friend is in there. I have a buddy in the FBI who might be able to make the database go away. Want me to try contacting him?"
  • You receive a note from one of your contacts: "Hey, hacked a government server, found a file on that name you gave me, the one you're protecting. I'll sell you the file, cheap!"
  • There's a message from one of your contacts: "Those new fake papers are ready. Tell the person you're protecting that the package will be at the drop point tonight."
  • Your Hero reports: "I thought I met someone else who had an ... ability ... today. But it was just wishful thinking. Everything else seems quiet."
  • Your Hero checks in: "Everything seems okay. Just wanted to let you know. I wish we could meet. I have no idea who to trust."
  • It's a long message from your Hero. It begins: "A friend said today that I seemed down. I guess I'm bummed that I can't tell them about my ability. I know I can't -- it would change everything -- but I feel like my friends don't even know the real me any more..."
  • It's your Hero. They sound anxious: "I thought I was being followed today. Who would follow me? Why am I so paranoid? Building 26 is history, right?" It goes on. You write an encouraging note.
  • One of your contacts has this to say: "There's been some kind of bureaucratic screw-up: that person you're protecting just got stuck back on the government watch list. Tell your buddy to avoid airports for a while. I think I can remove the flag but it's going to cost ya. Want me to go for it?"
  • There's an urgent message from your Hero: "Something strange happened to me yesterday. I think my ability is growing. What's happening to me??"
  • One of your contacts has an urgent message: "Cops are sniffing around that person you're protecting. Looks like they found a leftover warrant from the government. I think I can shut down the investigation. Want me to risk it?"
  • It's a note from your Hero: "The police were asking around the neighborhood about suspicious activity. Their description sounded a lot like my ability! Do you have any way of finding out what they know?"
  • It's a message from your Hero: "Does everything look okay on your end? Going back to normal life is harder than I thought. Thanks for being there for me."
  • It's a message from your Hero: "Hey, how are you? Just checking in. I'm feeling pretty good. Life almost feels normal today."
  • Your Hero has sent a quick update: "Everything seems okay. Thanks for checking in."

Event messages

Users can access a new message related to an event experienced by one of their heroes on the hero's profile 1-2 times a week, and normally new messages become available every Tuesday and Friday. The messages normally ask users to advise their heroes in how to respond to the situation, by choosing one of at least four choices. The hero will try to perform whatever choice is recommended by the user, and that can affect the hero's personality attributes. Changing a hero's personality away from the dominant personality of the hero's faction can hurt the hero's faction's score. Event messages are sometimes related to happenings in the iStory. See July 2009's event messages, and a list of recent event messages below.

Date Message
August 4, 2009 Okay, I've arrived at the biker rally, and my worst fears seem confirmed. Most of the rally is just casual riders, but Amber is part of some sort of traveling event that follows the main group with its own gang. The gang keeps to themselves but I've seen Amber's name on a sign during their stops. She's listed as a healer or something. If she isn't the one with ability, then someone close to her is, and judging by her company, she could be there against her will. What should we do?
  • Try to make contact with her.
  • She's your cousin. Demand to see her.
  • Sneak in at night.
  • Tell the police that you think she is in trouble.
August 7, 2009 need ur help. amber safe but i was followed from rally. recognize him: was agent @ building 26. texting u from hotel & hes outside. can u help
  • Get away ASAP. I'll send someone to pick you up.
  • Keep him occupied. I'll send someone to grab him.
  • Follow him and find out what he's up to. I'll send help.
  • Leave him a note and ask his intentions. Help coming.
August 11, 2009 I escaped the former Building 26 agent with the help of a blonde girl with powers. It still amazes me how many of us might be out there. She doesn't say much about herself, but I don't think I'm the first former fugitive that she has helped like this. She is taking me to see one of her contacts today. If we can learn how that former agent found me, we might be able to stop it from happening again. What do you think?
  • His intentions may not have been bad
  • He needs to be found and questioned
  • Let's broadcast your fake location and set a trap
  • I have friends in the government, let them deal with him
August 14, 2009 Wow, still reeling from what happened when we met Claire's contact. A group of people with abilities were using their powers to kill. Only by banding together were we able to stop them. All I've thought about up to now is how to hide. But this makes me wonder if I should be more involved?
  • We should be helping Claire with ex-fugitives
  • Let's find more villains and take them on!
  • Let's watch Claire and learn what we're getting into
  • We have a duty to offer our help
August 18, 2009 I keep running into friends and relatives who want to know where I've been the last few months. Usually I can make up an excuse that satisfies them, but this time I really messed up. I told a distant friend of a friend that I'd gotten engaged. He posted it on his Facebook page or something, and it got back to my relatives! They assume I was going to surprise them, so now they're throwing "us" a party and insisting on meeting my "fiance". What do I do?
  • The truth would only scare them. You must keep up the lie.
  • Go out, fall in love and get engaged ... quick!
  • I know someone who might pose as your fiance for the party.
  • Truth is the path of the hero. You should tell them.
August 21, 2009 Well, my fake "engagement" party went okay. I'll just tell everyone in a week or two that we broke up. By the way, the people you sent me to ask for help took care of everything, as promised. Actually, I think I might have made friends with one of them. I'd really like to stay in touch with her. What do you think?
  • If you're her friend, you shouldn't put her at risk.
  • Go for it! A friend is worth some risk.
  • Use a fake identity and disposable cell phone.
  • No, you have a duty to consider her safety first.
August 25, 2009 That Building 26 agent that Claire and I faced a couple weeks ago is BACK! He chased me today. I tried to ask him what he wanted, but he apparently thinks I had something to do with the death of his partner. He said he was going to kill me!
  • He's upset but he'll calm. Let's get you into hiding.
  • We have to fight him! I'll send you help.
  • Lead him to this location. We'll trap him there.
  • You have a duty to hear him out and learn the truth.
August 28, 2009 I didn't think I was going to make it for a while there. Your allies saved my life this week. And apparently they have a lot going on at the time same. There's a whole secret world out there that I didn't realize existed: old and new organizations battling with each other, people with abilities forming into groups, plans being made. I want to know more!
  • I know some groups that would be interested in your help.
  • Yes, it's time to join the fight!
  • We should start by gathering intelligence.
  • You have an ability. It's time to put it to use.
September 3, 2009 Someone I know has been kidnapped! We met while on the run from Building 26. I got a garbled message asking for help. Then they disappeared. Could this be about their powers? Should I even get involved?
  • Yes, they need your help. Try to contact them again.
  • Absolutely. Go to their house and start investigating.
  • Investigate secretly. Pretend to be family and ask around.
  • Call the authorities! They're equipped to deal with this.
September 4, 2009 My missing acquaintance is back. She seems really shaken up. She won't say much about what happened, but she did mention that people with abilities were fighting each other. This is scary. What's happening around us? Where is this all going to lead?
  • We can deal with anything together, my friend.
  • I don't know, but it's time to find out!
  • Just keep your head down for now.
  • When duty calls, we'll respond.
September 22, 2009 I have some family in town. I haven't seen them in years. It's been really cool to reconnect with them. They may know I have gaps in my past, but they accept me anyway. Then last night, I got a call. Another former fugitive thinks someone is spying on him. He wants me to travel to him and help investigate. I need to choose: family or fugitive?
  • Choose your family. This is your chance to reconnect.
  • Family can wait! Go help the former fugitive!
  • You can't rush off to help a stranger. Get more info.
  • Your ability is a gift. You have a duty to use it to help others.
September 25, 2009 I just ran into a woman who used to work for Building 26! She recognized me. But she begged me for my forgiveness. Then she tried to give me something that she'd taken from Building 26: a bundle of money that had been confiscated from a prisoner. What should I do with it?
  • Forgive her and accept the money.
  • Tell her to find the original owner!
  • It could be a trap. Don't accept the bundle.
  • Accept the money and give it to the authorities.
September 29, 2009 I just met a young girl with abilities. Her name is Amanda and she is having a lot of trouble controlling her ability. She says that she keeps accidentally setting things on fire and she's not sure what to do. She's convinced that soon she's going to burn down a building without even meaning to. What advice should I give her?
  • If she thinks that she'll harm those around her she needs to isolate herself.
  • Tell her to seek out other specials that will help her gain more control.
  • Get her to a safe place to unleash her abilities and teach her to master them.
  • Go to her and provide some help. She probably just needs help from someone else with abilities.
October 2, 2009 Someone came to me today asking for help. His name is Callum and he's in trouble. He says he's on the run from a faction that's trying to capture him. I get the funny feeling that he's hiding something from me but I've got nothing to back that up, it's just a feeling. What do you think?
  • If he needs help, and you can provide it, that's your duty.
  • Back him into a corner and get the truth out of him. This is about your safety.
  • Help him for now but keep a watchful eye.
  • Go with your gut. Your first instinct is usually the right one.
October 6, 2009 I've been spending a lot of time with other former fugitives lately. It's been great to be around people who have been through the same things as me. But my significant other confronted me today, suspicious that I've been having an affair. What should I do?
  • Do whatever your significant other needs first.
  • Follow your heart! Maybe you need the friends more?
  • Promise that you're not seeing anyone, then see them secretly.
  • You have a duty to be loyal to your significant other.
October 9, 2009 Callum, the illusionist I met last week is suggesting that we go find others with abilities and join up with them. He's saying that it would benefit all of us. I'm worried about running into enemies out there, what do you think?
  • Go and find them. There is both power and safety in numbers.
  • Find the others and become their leader. Together your cause can be theirs!
  • Go find others but be wary, not everyone can be trusted.
  • Go and find them but wait to see if it feels right. Play it by ear.
October 13, 2009 I got a message from my friend Amanda today: "I really want to just get out of here and be with my mom. We talked on the phone but she won't tell me where to find her. She says I can't come live with her but there's no way it could be worse than living with my aunt. I just want to be closer to her ... what should I do?"
  • If her mother is telling her not to come, there must be a good reason. It's for her own safety.
  • Tell her she needs to go find her mother. She has a right to meet this woman.
  • Help her find a way to track her mother through the phone. With all the new technology, there must be a way.
  • She should try to respect her mother's wishes but if she has to go find her then it's what she has to do.
October 16, 2009 I got a message from some creep who calls himself The Watcher. It made me kind of nervous. This is the message: "Hello there. You've had a nice time out here, working and living, surviving, but you've got some darkness in your past, we all have things we'd rather keep secret... but now that I know yours, you're going to work for me. I have chores that will need doing and guess who gets to be my go-to guy now? YOU." How should I respond?
  • If this is what it takes to protect yourself and others, you should do it.
  • Find this guy and take him down. Nobody should be messing with you.
  • Send out some spies to find out this guy's secret. Blackmail stalemate.
  • Do not let yourself be blackmailed. Tell him to bring it on.
October 23, 2009 The Watcher is back and he's demanding my help. This is what he said: "There is a newcomer here where I live. His name is Gabriel. There are rumors that he was once extremely powerful. I NEED to know his secret past. I found a phone number earlier this week. Call it and let me know who he is." Should I help him?
  • These are not your secrets to tell. Spying on the innocent is not the way of the hero.
  • You need to hunt this Watcher guy down.
  • Find the information but don't tell him everything. Save the vital stuff.
  • If there is no other way to ensure your safety then help him, but only if you must.
October 27, 2009 I got another message from my friend Amanda, "I've met some really cool people here at this carnival. My mom might not understand but I've already met a few people who totally get what I'm going through. It almost seems to good to be true. What do you think?" Any thoughts on what I should tell her?
  • She needs to listen to her mother. She has Amanda's best interest in mind.
  • She needs to stand up to her mother. If she likes it there then there's no reason not to stay.
  • Tell her to introduce the people to her mother and show her why it's the right place to be.
  • She should follow her gut. If it feels right to be there it probably is.
October 30, 2009 The Watcher is back again: "You didn't deliver nearly as much as I needed last time but it wasn't a terrible start. I think you should get to know someone else I'm working with. His name is Chris. I left some information about him lying around The Sullivan Brothers Carnival. You should try to find them." It could be a trap, what do you think?
  • You stay where you are, I'll go to the carnival and find it for you and let you know what it is.
  • Go find it. Maybe this Chris person can be an ally in the future.
  • Find the information but find a way to turn it around, and maybe the person he works with, against him.
  • Any information is good information but be careful, it could be trap.
November 3, 2009 Another message from Amanda: "I finally got to meet Samuel, the man who runs this place. He's an amazing man. He actually is excited and likes this thing that I can do. It's incredible. I'm liking this place more and more." Any advice for her?
  • If she is happy and everyone there is glad to have her then it seems like a great thing!
  • It sounds like it might be too perfect. She needs to keep her guard up.
  • She needs to be careful. Sometimes what seems great at one time can turn out very different later on.
  • She seems to really like it. If it feels right to be there then she may have found a new home.

Faction messages

When a hero is added to a faction, that hero's adviser gets new messages related to the faction as a whole. Currently, there are only faction wellness and faction event messages. A third type of faction message, opportunities, allows the option for factions to harm/help each other. This third type began being transmitted with "phase 3" of the game, which began on September 29, 2009.

Faction wellness messages

Faction wellness messages have some similarities and differences to hero-type wellness messages. Like normal wellness messages, faction wellness messages boost rating points and experience, and are chosen from a static pool of messages. However, unlike a hero's wellness message, each message is only available for a short period of time, normally two to three hours, and choosing to 'send assistance' can only give the earned experience/rating to the faction itself. Also, choosing to send assistance may harm the hero that sends assistance, lowering one or more of the hero's attributes and rating points. The degree and type lowered depend on the message. Faction wellness messages include:

  • Another member emails everyone in your faction: "I messed up and revealed my power! I need to hide somewhere for a while. Let me know if you can help." (Offering your home may lower your Attributes but will benefit your faction.)
  • A leader in your faction has called an emergency meeting for next weekend. It will be expensive and draining to attend in time, but it will benefit your faction.
  • A leader in your faction sends everyone this message: "I've got a tip that one of our members is being investigated by a former Building 26 agent! Everyone please keep low for a while." (Hiding will hurt your Attributes but will benefit your faction.)
  • Another former Building 26 agent has offered to pass us information in exchange for saving him from a dangerous faction! We could use those files to recruit allies. And we could keep the files out of the hands of factions that might use them to hurt us. (Joining the rescue operation will increase your faction's Resources and Condition, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes)
  • A local politician has powers! We might be able to convince him to lend us support, like discouraging police investigations that might lead to our group. Can you help? (Helping will increase your faction's Resources and Condition, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • We've found a former Pinehearst scientist living in hiding. There's no telling what he knows, but it could be extremely helpful in learning more about our abilities. We're going to make contact. Are you in? (Joining the team will increase your faction's Resources and Condition, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • We're calling an emergency meeting for next weekend to decide how to protect ourselves from hostile factions operating in our area. We could really use your input. (Getting to the meeting on time will increase your faction's Resources and Condition, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)

Faction event messages

Like the wellness-type messages, faction event messages have both differences and similarities to their hero-type counterpart. Faction event messages also are released in batches of 1-2 per week, normally every Tuesday and sometimes also on Friday; always give a positive ratings boost; affect the dominant personality; and may be related to the iStory. However, boosts and personality alterations related to faction messages affect the faction and not the individual hero. In addition, not every faction receives the same faction message. Factions receive different event messages based on their current world-view, which can be either "heroic", "neutral", "reclusive", or "villainous". The message sometimes differs only in the options available to select. For instance, a heroic faction options might include asking, arguing, and/or sneaking around; whereas a villainous faction would instead get options to trick, blackmail, and/or pretend to buy a place. Another difference is that faction event messages are chosen from a pool, similar to the faction wellness messages--so a faction may receive an old/repeat message. The below list contains the faction event messages thus far as presented thus far (messages and their options often vary based on faction world-view).

First Seen Date Message
August 18, 2009 One of your members emails your faction: "I heard another group of people with abilities might have found an old Pinehearst lab. The lab's files could tell us more about powers and help us make new contacts. But I think they already took most of the research. What do you all think we should do?"
  • Ask the other group to share the research with everyone who we know with abilities (may result in disappointment)
  • Ask the other group to share the research with our faction (may result in no research)
  • Sneak into the laboratory and copy any remaining research (may be difficult to figure out)
  • Argue the other group into giving you the research they recovered (may result in injury)
September 1, 2009 I just read a news story about someone local getting arrested. But it sounds like they used a power and it got out of control! What should I suggest to my faction that we do about it?
  • You owe it to people with abilities around the world. Find a way to help them! (Tires Mind but aids Faction.)
  • It's too risky to interfere, but sending members to show support might earn a future ally. (Tires Body but aids Faction.)
  • Don't interfere. It's sad but you need to protect yourselves. (Lowers Mood but aids Faction.)
  • Another recruit! Visit them, show your ability, and offer them the chance to use their ability for * gain. (Tires Ability but aids Faction.)
September 1, 2009 One of my faction's leaders just emailed us: "I'd like to open an additional hideout for our faction. I've found an empty warehouse that would be ideal, but the owner refuses to sell it. One of our members could use their power to persuade her. How do you feel about that?" What do you think I should say?
  • Don't use abilities. Guilt-trip the owner that it's for a good cause. (Lowers Ability attribute but helps the Faction.)
  • Don't use abilities. Guilt-trip the owner with a list of reasons why it's extremely important to us. (Tires Mind but helps the Faction.)
  • It wouldn't be kind to use abilities. Use a less-convenient location. (Weakens Body but aids Faction.)
  • There's just one person? She can be scared off. Use our abilities to do it. (Lowers Mood but aids Faction.)
September 8, 2009 Have you been reading about the disaster in my area? A lot of people are in trouble or being evacuated. Do you think I should call my faction in?
  • Absolutely. People need you! (Tires Body but aids Faction.)
  • It's sad, but you should focus on comforting your own group. (Lowers Mood but aids Faction.)
  • No. Do everything you can to comfort your own people, but outsiders are on their own. (Weakens Ability but aids Faction.)
  • Yes. Vulnerable people talk. Look for evidence of recruits or threats. (Tires Mind but aids Faction.)
September 29, 2009 Just got this mass email from someone in my faction: "We have a defector. I spotted him hanging out with a rival faction yesterday, and when I asked him about it, he refuses to talk to me. He might tell them some of our secrets. What does everyone think we should do? How do you think I should respond?"
  • I'm sure he has his reasons. Wish him well and let him go. (Lowers Mood but aids Faction.)
  • Respect his wishes, but use every resource to move your secrets and repair your defenses. (Tires Ability but aids Faction.)
  • He has to be stopped. Find a way to guilt-trip him into changing his mind. (Tires Mind but aids Faction.)
  • An example must be made before others follow his example. Take him out. (Harms Body but aids Faction.)

Faction opportunity messages

With the start of "phase 3" of the game, users gained the ability to harm/help other factions by affecting another faction's "resources" and "condition" attributes, which have a hand in determining a faction's position on the faction leaderboard. Faction leaders can designate any other faction as an enemy, and enemy designations will only be visible to their faction's members. A new "opportunities" message was added to handle conflict and other events related to "resources" and "condition". Like faction wellness messages, these messages only last a few hours; and like faction event messages, they differ slightly depending on a faction's world-view. Factions will not need to do opportunities, and will be able to maintain and gather resources automatically. When a faction is attacked using an opportunity message, the more members that answer the message, the more it will lower the enemy faction's "condition" attribute. Similar to a faction's "morale", the "condition" attribute determines how much of the faction's accumulated points are actually counted towards the faction's ranking on the leaderboard. However, unlike "morale", a faction's "condition" is automatically restored a little every night. Similarly, the faction who gets attacked will lose a percentage of their "resources", which will be transferred to the faction that attacked them. Faction opportunity messages include:

  • We've located one of our rival's hideouts, filled with supplies and files. We're headed out to steal the stash. You in? (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes)
  • Our enemy may be blackmailing another local politician into passing them resources and interfering with investigations! We need to force them to back down. Will you help us? (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • Another local politician is aiding our enemy. His new policies are putting a lot of pressure on us. He should be easy to intimidate with a show of force. You want to join in? (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • We believe our enemy has just raided another faction's hideout. We're headed out to try to stop the raid and recover anything stolen. Join us! (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • Our enemy is on the move! We believe they're about to kidnap a scientist who researched mutation acceleration for the Pinehearst Company. We need to save the scientist and teach our enemy a lesson! (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes)
  • Our enemy may be blackmailing another local politician into passing them resources and interfering with investigations! We need to force them to back down. Will you help us? (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)
  • We've located another rural bank that our enemy is using to store a bunch of valuables. We've decided to steal the valuables. You in? (Joining the operation will harm your Enemy's Resources and Influence, increase your Faction's Resources, give you Experience, and temporarily weaken your Attributes.)

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