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Survival messages/Events/2009

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Archive.jpg WARNING: Survival messages/Events/2009 is an archive of past messages. New messages should be added to Survival messages#Event messages. Archive.jpg

The following is an archive of event messages used for Heroes: Survival in July 2009.

Date Message
July 7, 2009
The story begins with your Hero trying to start over after being on the run from the government. Soon his/her path intersects with others with secret abilities. In the chaotic days that follow, only the strongest Heroes will survive! Those that do will face a strange new threat with the help of some familiar faces...

Well, I'm home. Everything looks the same. Yet totally different. It's me who has changed. I didn't realize how much until the moment I walked down Main Street. These last months on the run have made me a different person. Anyway. Nobody knows I'm back yet. I still haven't decided what I'm going to tell them about where I've been. Know what? I'm scared to death. REBEL said you to turn to you for advice. So what do you think I should tell people?

  • You were doing recovery work in New Orleans
  • You were backpacking across South America
  • You had a nervous breakdown and can't give details
  • You should simply say that you can't tell them
July 10, 2009 I've been telling everyone what you suggested. But I keep getting calls from my friend, Brad. He's not buying it! He keeps nagging me for more details. I might need to come up with some kind of proof. What do you think I should do?
  • Find out why and make him feel better
  • Tell him to mind his own business
  • I'll send some forged travel documents
  • Tell him you got in trouble with the law
July 14, 2009 It's the big day: applying for a new job. Hard to believe that I was on the run for my life practically weeks ago, and now I'm scared to death of little job interviews. Anyway, I have a problem and I need your advice. There's a big gap in my work history while I was a fugitive. What should I tell my employer? I don't think what I told Brad will work here.
  • Apply where they need you too much to ask
  • Act confident and say they don't need details
  • I'll send a fake employment record
  • Tell them you were arrested but released
July 17, 2009 Well, I got the job. Things should be starting to feel normal, right? But I can't shake this feeling that something is wrong. I was thinking it was just paranoia after months on the run. But then yesterday, I think I saw someone use a power in the grocery store. One moment he was standing there with an empty basket. When I looked back, the basket was full, and he was watching me with a strange expression: like he was mad or scared. I left the store in a hurry. What should I do?
  • Stay calm and act friendly if he returns
  • Go looking for him and ask questions
  • Spy on the store and follow him if he returns
  • Leave him alone if you see him again
July 21, 2009 I messed up. I had a problem at the mechanic and got frustrated. Without thinking, I used my ability! Nobody noticed anything, so I thought I was okay. But as I was leaving, I noticed a security camera in the ceiling. It might have been caught on tape! What should I do now?
  • Don't worry, I'll get the tape for you
  • Break into the shop and steal the tape
  • Spy on the mechanic to see if he notices
  • Do nothing and hope nobody watches it
July 24, 2009 Well, the situation with that security camera seems to have blown over. Thanks for your advice. But I have a new problem. This one is different. I've been looking all over for my cousin Amber. But nobody seems to know where she is. The last anyone remembers talking to her is a few weeks after I disappeared. She's kind of a loner, so no one thought anything of it. Is it possible that Building 26 arrested her for information about me? Or maybe she even has an ability?! What should I do?
  • Drop everything and search for her
  • Demand that everyone help you find her
  • Let's hack into government records
  • File a missing persons report with police
July 28, 2009 My cousin Amber is still missing. My only lead is that someone saw her walking through town with a backpack the day before she disappeared. This is not the first time that she's taken a surprise trip, but she's never been gone this long. My boss says I'm being distracted at work and need to focus. If he knew how complicated the situation was, he'd leave me alone. I'd love to see his face after a week in Building 26. Or if I used my ability in front of him. But that won't bring Amber back. Any new leads on your end?
  • No, but I'll look for you, stay focused
  • Many people are missing, stay focused!
  • Tell your boss you need a week for surgery
  • Tell your boss about Amber
July 31, 2009 Okay, so Amber has been reported in New England at a giant biker rally. I didn't know her that well, but I'm still worried. Amber was never into motorcycles, and that wasn't her crowd at all. Am I being paranoid? Is this just a kid going through a "wild child" phase? Or is it possible that this is somehow related to me or whatever is in our common genes? What's your advice?
  • Quietly ask about her but let her have her space.
  • Get to her by any means necessary. Now.
  • Pretend to be her classmate and try to contact her.
  • What's to hide? Call the police to check on her.