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Sylar's cell

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Sylar's cell
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Security

Sylar's cell is the secure room that exists inside Primatech Paper Co. where Sylar is secured.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



Mr. Bennet wakes Sylar after his capture and informs him that his powers will not work inside the cell. Mr. Bennet surmises that Sylar has lost some sanity after absorbing / acquiring powers from so many other evolved humans. Mr. Bennet also tells Sylar that they are going to find out what makes him "tick."

Later, Eden arrives, intending to persuade Sylar to kill himself with her gun. Despite her attempt, Sylar is unaffected; he manages to use his telekinesis to pull Eden through the window. Sylar marvels how she has been so close to him for so long without him knowing (she lived in the same apartment building as Chandra Suresh) and now he will finally gain her great ability of persuasion. Eden, however, manages to shoot herself before Sylar is successful.

Graphic Novel:Fathers & Daughters

Mr. Bennet and the Haitian arrive shortly after Eden shoots herself. They subdue Sylar, still in his cell, with many tranquilizer darts.


As Sylar lays on the floor, nearly unconscious, staring at a cockroach, Mr. Bennet and Hank stand outside. They discuss the tests being conducted on Sylar. He is obviously severely drugged, with medical equipment seemingly connected to his brain.

The Fix

Sylar lies comatose on a table as Mr. Bennet and Hank discuss his condition. Later, Hank calls from the cell to update Mr. Bennet; suddenly, Sylar is reinvigorated. When Mr. Bennet enters the cell, he finds a dead Hank and a very much alive Sylar.


Sylar throws Mr. Bennet across the cell, then taunts his former captor with his driver license.

Memorable Quotes

"You'll find your powers won't work, not here. You're not going anywhere, Gabriel."

- Mr. Bennet (Fallout)



  • The code to Sylar's cell appears to be 5-9-6 (as typed by Mr. Bennet).
  • Production members refer to this set as "Sylar's Lounge".


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