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Sylar/Memorable quotes

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"Just a talent I have for the way things work, how the parts should go."

- Sylar (to Chandra Suresh) (Six Months Ago)

"When I was a kid ... I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just ... insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. The watchmaker's son ... became a watchmaker. It is so futile. And I wanted to be ... important."

- Sylar (to Chandra Suresh) (Six Months Ago)

"My name is Sylar. Gabriel Sylar."

- Sylar (to Brian Davis) (Six Months Ago)

"You're broken....I can fix it."

- Sylar (to Brian Davis) (Six Months Ago)

"Well, I'm different now. I feel I've been given a chance to start over. A new life, new identity. New purpose."

"I came halfway around the world looking for proof and threw him out the door. No one returns my phone calls anymore. They all think I'm insane."

"I don't. These people are all out there waiting to be told that they are important. Waiting to unlock their true potential. I know it. I can feel them. We'll find them together. We are the future."

- Sylar, Chandra Suresh (Six Months Ago)

"That’s enough, Gabriel —"

"My name is Sylar!"

- Mr. Bennet, Sylar (Fallout)

"What a shame. They're out there. I can feel them ... so innocent, so unaware of what's happening to them. We'll find them, Mohinder. All of them, together. The two of us. It's our destiny."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Unexpected)

"That sound in your heart, what is it?"


- Dale, Sylar (Unexpected)

"Give me that damn list! So I can... sink my teeth in..."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Parasite)

"I'm a natural progression of the species. Evolution is a part of nature, and nature kills. Simple, right?"

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Parasite)

"I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours. You are your father's son. So determined, you didn't even notice I stopped the IV. But don't worry, you might actually do some good before you die. Starting with that list."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (Parasite)

"You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works."

- Sylar (to Peter) (Parasite)

"This is usually the part where people start screaming."

- Sylar (to Isaac) (.07%)

"I understood it before the killing, I had a reason - to take what others didn't deserve. It was natural selection."

- Sylar (to Mohinder) (The Hard Part)

"Mom you're not even listening to me!"

"I am listening..."

"No, you're making a tuna sandwich."

- Sylar, Virginia Gray (The Hard Part)

"What if I told you I can be special... important, but to do it I had to hurt a lot of people, should I?"

"You, you could never hurt anyone."

" There's a lot of things I can do that you don't know about. "

- Sylar, Virginia Gray (The Hard Part)

"That heartbeat. You were in the loft. Why are you following me?"

"I must stop you."

"Then do it. Do it! Kill me! You can't. You coward. Now I'm going to have to kill you."

- Sylar, Hiro (The Hard Part)

"You were right, mom. I am meant to be special, just like you wanted. I can be anything... I can even be President..."

- Sylar (to Virginia Gray) (The Hard Part)

"Most people wouldn't do that."

"I'm not most people."

- Audrey, Sylar (Landslide)


- Sylar (Landslide)

"Please, What would I want with your brain?"

- Sylar (to Ando) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"What took you so long?"

- Sylar (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Haven't I killed you before?"

- Sylar (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Turns out you're the villain, Peter. I'm the hero."

- Sylar (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

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