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Sylvia (KGB operative)

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First appearance From the Files of Primatech, Part 5
In-story stats
Known ability Mass manipulation
Formal name Unknown
Alias Sylvia
Nickname The Modern Day Mata Hari
Home Berlin, Germany,
formerly Brazil
Occupation KGB special operative

"Sylvia" is the alias of a KGB special operative who was targeted by Thompson, Sr. and Claude Rains in 1988. She is an evolved human with the ability to shrink or grow at will.

Character History

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

In 1988, Thompson, Sr. informs his partner Claude Rains that their target, a KGB special operative, drew their attention some time ago and is now considered to be more "special" than other operatives. Claude asks what the mission is about and Thompson tells him that they are to either recruit or kill her. A news report from the file also says that a woman by the name of "Sylvia" left a wake of destruction in Brazil in 1987.

Later, Claude, while invisible, investigates a room. Sylvia sees his flashlight and kicks him hard in the face. She says that he has a nifty "trick" but suggests that next time he ditch the flashlight. She tries to tell Claude that Thompson will not stop until he has what he wants, and Claude tells her that Thompson wants her. Sylvia seems confused that Claude does not know what Thompson is really after. Thompson then appears and demands to know where "it" is. Sylvia, defiantly, refuses to tell him and says that she would rather die then let him have it. Thompson says that he is fine with that and shoots her. However, Sylvia is nowhere to be seen; unbeknownst to the two agents, Sylvia has actually shrunk to the size of a coin in order to hide.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

Sylvia returns to her normal size and taunts the two agents, stating that her "parlor trick" is better than Claude's. She then grows to a large size and easily overpowers the agents, throwing Thompson out of a window and causing Claude to run away. Sylvia then grows to an even larger size and boasts that her mass manipulation has basically no limits. While in her larger form, Sylvia picks up a car and throws it at Claude, pinning him down. She approaches him and tells him that she does not like killing her own kind. Claude asks what Sylvia and Thompson are looking for and, before knocking him out completely, Sylvia states that she is looking for the future. She then proceeds to step on Claude and pursue Thompson, returning to normal size to do so.

It is later mentioned in the Primatech case file #3105 that Sylvia is still at large. It is also revealed that the object Sylvia was seeking was in fact the pneumatic needle that The Company instead claimed.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sylvia has the ability to grow or shrink at will. With this power, she has reportedly grown to unbelievable sizes and caused great destruction. She has also shown that she is able to instantaneously shrink so that she is smaller than a coin, as well as to grow big enough to stomp cars.

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