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Moving GN history headings back under HE

I mentioned on Talk:iStory that we might want to consider moving all the graphic novel character histories under the Heroes Evolutions headers since they are part of Heroes Evolutions. This could be a lot of work to update the histories of the groups, characters, locations and places, but imho it would be worth it to standardize the format in case Heroes Evolutions evolves again and in the case we get more actual 'Novels' like Saving Charlie, which are not part of Evolutions. Currently, Evolutions includes the IC content posted on NBC and other ARG websites and related e-mails, the iStories, and the Graphic Novels. To make things easier on ourselves, a long time ago, we split off the Graphic Novels headings from the HE header after giving the graphic novels their own namespace. This change would not necessarily have to take place over night, and we might want to wait to do it during the spring hiatus, when we have more time, but I thought it was worth considering now since we are also considering how to format the iStory character histories as well.--MiamiVolts (talk) 08:20, 30 January 2009 (EST)