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Talk:Quentin Frady

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Real Quentin

Well, in tha latest episode we saw a change of heart about him. And it seemed so out of place. And during episode he said Erica "I know you used a shapeshifter to pose as Mohinder". So maybe when Quentin died, or at some point, they replaced him with shapeshifter version. And it would be easy to access his memories and plant them to shapeshifter with Matt Parkman at hand--Sekobro (talk) 05:56, 6 November 2015 (EST)

  • I just wanna kill Ericka.... Like seriusly I want to stab a freaking stick through her skulll then a steamroller through her body then burn her to ashes then dance over those ashes. Then revive her to do such process again, and again. Morbid I know, but she deserves it
It's probably just the butterfly effect of Noah shooting Erica. Quentin has been looking for Phoebe for a whole year until June 13 2015 when she kills him, but that never happens in the new timeline because they met each other in 2014, and he is now working for Erica for some reason. Sandubadear (talk) 12:59, 7 November 2015 (EST)