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==Checklist: Week 2==
==Checklist: Week 2==
===Character/Group pages to add/update===
===Character/Group pages to add/update===
___[[Rachel Mills]] <br />
_X_[[Rachel Mills]] <br />
_X_[[Interviewer]]<br />
_X_[[Interviewer]]<br />
___[[Ammar]]<br />
_X_[[Ammar]]<br />
_X_[[Harry]]<br />
_X_[[Harry]]<br />
___[[Jim]]<br />
_X_[[Jim]]<br />
_X_[[Jeremy Woo]] (mentioned)<br />
_X_[[Jeremy Woo]] (mentioned)<br />
_X_[[Leona]] (mentioned)<br />
_X_[[Special Forces lieutenant]] <br />

===Places/Locations to add/update===
===Places/Locations to add/update===

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checklist for Week 1

Checklist for Week 2

checklist for Week 3

Checklist: Week 2

Character/Group pages to add/update

_X_Rachel Mills
_X_Jeremy Woo (mentioned)
_X_Leona (mentioned)
_X_Special Forces lieutenant

Places/Locations to add/update

_X_Interview office

Abilities to add/update

N/A(list abilities to add/update here)

Chapter 2

Rather interesting plot. The choice between Jim and Ammar made me think for a bit. Ultimately, I went with Jim's plan. I'm worried Ammar would try to sell Rachel out to the highest bidder again, and that Ammar may be just using Rachel to test preventative measures they've put in place to prevent escape. Primatech might not have her best interests at heart, but I think they do want her out of there and I doubt they'd try to sell her before they can analyze her. Then there's the matter that they don't know where they are in Iran. They guess they are near the border, but how close is not clear. It would help if either Ammar or Jim spoke Persian/Farsi, but we don't know if either of them do.--MiamiVolts (talk) 06:18, 25 January 2009 (EST)

  • Right. I quite like where this is going. I myself chose Jim's plot simply because I wanted to find out more about him. I have a feeling they'll make both options go the same way though, like last time. --Radicell 06:40, 25 January 2009 (EST)