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'''Teacher''' could refer to:
'''Teacher''' could refer to:
* '''[[Hana's teacher]]''', an authority figure to [[Hana Gitelman]]
* '''Anderson''', [[Micah]]'s World History teacher at [[South Elementary School]], who gives him an "A" on his [[:Image:Screenshot-13.png|report card]].
* '''[[Molly's teacher]]''', who informs [[Matt Parkman]] of [[Molly]]s disturbing drawings
* '''Brown''', a teacher at [[Union Wells]].
* '''[[Science teacher]]''', a teacher at [[Costa Verde High School]]
* The '''[[calculus tutor]]''' who runs the math enrichment program at the ''juku''.
* '''[[Lisa Carpenter]]''', a teacher at [[Linderman Junior High School]].
* '''[[Karen Chamberlin]]''', a professor of literature at the University of Cambridge.
* '''J. Clark''', [[Micah]]'s Earth Science teacher at [[South Elementary School]], who gives him a "C" on his [[:Image:Screenshot-13.png|report card]].
* '''Columba''', a teacher at [[Union Wells]].
* '''Cook''', a teacher at [[Union Wells]].
* '''[[Donna Dorn]]''', a professor of Japanese Studies at the University of [[Chicago]].
* '''[[Professor Fenton]]''', the linear algebra professor at [[Arlington University]].
* '''[[Miss Franklin]]''', a teacher at [[Pinehearst High School]].
* '''[[Miss Gerber]]''', who informs [[Matt Parkman]] of [[Molly]]'s disturbing drawings.
* '''Ms. Gomez''', a biology teacher at [[Union Wells High School]].
* '''[[Hana's teacher]]''', an authority figure to [[Hana Gitelman]].
* '''Jones''', [[Micah]]'s English teacher at [[South Elementary School]], who gives him a "B" on his [[:Image:Screenshot-13.png|report card]].
* '''Khani''', a teacher at [[Union Wells]].
* '''[[Coach Lewis]]''', a gym teacher at [[Pinehearst High School]].
* '''[[James Martin]]''', a former high school geometry teacher.
* '''[[Matt Neuenberg's teacher]]''', who thinks [[Matt (Neuenberg)|Matt]] is wasting his [[brain]].
* '''[[Nirand]]''', a professor at [[Chennai University]].
* '''Miss Pricher''', a staff member at [[Betty's high school]].
* '''Ms. Roberts''', a Union Wells teacher whose window has easy access for students to sneak out.
* '''Ms. Rogers''', one of [[Zach]]'s teachers at Union Wells.
* A '''[[school teacher]]''' who teaches at [[Monty and Simon's school]].
* The '''[[South Western College professor]]''' who is pranked by [[Phoebe]].
* '''[[Chandra Suresh]]''', a genetics professor at Chennai University.
* '''[[Mohinder Suresh]]''', a lecturer and teacher, well-versed on the subject of [[evolution]].
* '''[[Priscilla Van Cleef]]''', a professor at the University of England.
* '''Vaughn''', a teacher at [[Union Wells]].
* '''[[Mr. Zern]]''', a science teacher at [[Costa Verde High School]].

==See Also==
==See Also==
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