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 |<archive page>
 |exclude=<comma-separated list of one-based section numbers to be excluded 
           (i.e. 5,6,7 for the 5th through 7th sections)>

Useful for adding archive section listings to user talk pages, this template uses DPL to generate an archive link for up to 20 sections, separated by bullets. If you have more than 20 sections to archive, it is recommended that you use two archive talk pages.


  • Section 0's are not included cause if the first header is section 0, that throws off all of the edit links. If your archive's first section header isn't showing up when using this template, make sure it is on a line by itself and does not include any template calls (such as to a table of contents or archive header template).
  • Sections listed inside archived pre tags are included. If they are not desired, they can be excluded using the exclude= option. For an example, see the source used on Heroes Wiki talk:Community Portal to print the archive links for the Aug 2007-Oct 2007 archive. Note that excluded sections still count towards the 20 section limit (only the first 20 section headers are listed).
  • The current implementation of this template will not show section headers correctly if they contain more than one link in a the header. Italics and Bold font, and single link are accounted for in this template, but strike tags and category links are not and require manual editing.
  • Since archives are not meant to be altered, the results of the dpl calls used in this template are cached so that they do not update immediately. If you need to clear the cache to see a current update, add "?action=purge" to the url/command-line.
  • Because the DPL in this template must be executed multiple times, it is not meant to be used in another page. The intended usage is to save or preview an instance of it in the sandbox. Then, copy the printed text and use it for part of the source code of a subpage such as "User talk:<your username>/Top" or "User talk:<your username>/ArchiveLinks". Finally, add the subpage using inclusion (i.e. add "{{:User talk:<your username>/Top}}" or "{{:User talk:<your username/ArchiveLinks}}" to your user talk page).
  • This template requires templates Delink and PartialDelink, and subtemplates ArchivePrelinks/Plink, ArchivePrelinks/TrailingBullets, PartialDelink/Linkstart, and PartialDelink/Linkend to function properly. If porting this template, please remember to include them.