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iStory Characters
A teenager struggling to control her own horrific ability.

Marie Dunn
The young director of Primatech Executive Service (PES)'s Operations Division, who has made her reputation through a record of brilliant, ruthless efficiency in the field.

Carla Klaus
The head of Pinehearst's Risk Analysis & Response Unit (RARU), which is first on the scene when things go wrong. Her legendary temper is matched only by her ingenuity and determination.

Tim Pope
The new director of PES's Command Division. He has promised to replace any remaining weak links and restore PES to its former glory.

Ricardo Silva
An escaped Primatech prisoner with a beef against the Kill Squad. He has the ability to amp up another person's most primal aggressive instincts.

Aaron Taylor
The head of Pinehearst's Experimental Applications & Assessment Division (EAAD) oversees a vast network of shadowy research and development initiatives.

Priscilla Van Cleef
Pinehearst's kindly matron. She is the chair of Pinehearst's Strategic Human Initiatives Committee (SHIC) with a sphere of influence that extends far beyond the Pinehearst Research Group.

Jeremy Woo
The hard-driving, obsessive director of PES's Intelligence Division. He is feared and respected by his agents and contractors and even his superiors.