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{{nbl|Crash's friends}} •  
{{nbl|Crash's friends}} •  
{{nbl|D.L.'s crew}} •  
{{nbl|D.L.'s crew}} •  
{{nbl|Evan's replicants}} •  
{{nbl|Evan's clones}} •  
{{nbl|Fraternity}} •  
{{nbl|Fraternity}} •  
{{nbl|Moab Penitentiary response team}} •  
{{nbl|Moab Penitentiary response team}} •  

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Graphic Novel Groups edit

Anti-tracker allianceChinese soldiersCrash's friendsD.L.'s crewEvan's clonesFraternityMoab Penitentiary response teamSkyhawk crewTonton MacoutesTokyo bikersUnknown soldiers

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Produces a navbar for Graphic Novel Groups. Also adds Category:Unnamed Graphic Novel Groups if "unnamed" is true, else adds Category:Named Graphic Novel Groups if "named" is set true.

{{GNgroup|named=true|sort=<!--Optional sortkey-->}}
{{GNgroup|unnamed=true|sort=<!--Optional sortkey-->}}