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Produces a linked image.

| image = <!--Image filename-->
| height = <!--Height of image-->
| width = <!-- Width of image-->
| link = <!-- Article to link to-->
| text= <!-- OPTIONAL Alt text for link-->
| externallink= <!-- OPTIONAL external link used in place of link -->

Inline for cut and paste:

{{Imagelink | image= | height= | width= | link= | text= | externallink= }}

The height and width must both be specified. Decide the display width you need and multiply it by the aspect ratio constant for the type of image you are using. Common ratios for image height and width are as follows.
Note: For internal links (image or otherwise), the hover box text for most browsers always shows as the title of the page linked to. For external links (image or otherwise), the hover box text for most browsers always shows as the URL. The text= attribute in this template sets the alternative text that appears in place of the image in text browsers.

Image Type Standard Size Ratio
Episode image/other full 16x9 screencaps 300x169 Height = Width x .563
Prophecy images 300x200 Height = Width x .667
Most images 450x350 Height = Width x .778
Portraits 200x250 Height = Width x 1.25