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(Created page with "<center>__NOEDITSECTION__ <includeonly>{{#if: {{#pos:{{PAGENAME}}|Minor}}| {{{pipe}} {{#ifeq: {{{Size}}} | big | width=90% | }} {{pipe}}- {{minornavcell|season=5|page=1|size=...")
(i don't know what this was copied from, but there are only two pages of minor characters right now, so the table needs to be a lot smaller ... or else we get wibbly wobbly things going on)
Line 1: Line 1:
<includeonly>{{#if: {{#pos:{{PAGENAME}}|Minor}}| {{{pipe}} {{#ifeq: {{{Size}}} | big | width=90% | }}
<includeonly>{{#if: {{#pos:{{PAGENAME}}|Minor}}| </includeonly>{{{pipe}} {{#ifeq: {{{size}}} | big | width=75% }}
{{pipe}}} }}
{{pipe}}} }}

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For more characters, please see the full category.</includeonly>


This template produces the navigation summary at the bottom of the Portal pages.


|CharacterSet= <!-- Portal set of Character pages -->
|Size= <!-- Size of buttons, "big" or "small" -->