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''{{nbl|Episode:A Clear and Present Danger|A Clear and Present Danger}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Trust and Blood|Trust and Blood}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Building 26|Building 26}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Cold Wars|Cold Wars}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Exposed|Exposed}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Shades of Gray|Shades of Gray}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Cold Snap|Cold Snap}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Into Asylum|Into Asylum}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:Turn and Face the Strange|Turn and Face the Strange}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:1961|1961}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:I Am Sylar|I Am Sylar}}'' •
''{{nbl|Episode:An Invisible Thread|An Invisible Thread}}''
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[[Category: Navigational Elements]]
[[Category: Navigational Elements]]
[[Category: Spoilers]]

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A Clear and Present DangerTrust and BloodBuilding 26Cold WarsExposedShades of GrayCold SnapInto AsylumTurn and Face the Strange1961I Am SylarAn Invisible Thread


Creates a list of Volume Four episodes, for use on Template:Nav or anywhere else it is needed.