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==See Also==
==See Also==
* For the terrorist who appeared in the [[unaired pilot]], see '''[[terrorist (unaired pilot)]]'''.
* {{seealsodisambig|terrorist}}

{{GNGroup|sort=Terrorist cell}}
{{GNGroup|sort=Terrorist cell}}
[[Category: Graphic Novel Groups]]
[[Category: Graphic Novel Groups]]

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Terrorist cell
Location: Albany, OR
Purpose: Terrorism
First appearance Resistance
Known members: Peter Petrelli, two unnamed terrorists

A terrorist cell of evolved human terrorists exists in a future where abilities are available to the public.


Graphic Novel:Resistance

Three years in the future, Claire Bennet attacks the terrorist cell in Albany, Oregon. Claire opens fire on the terrorists, killing a terrorist with the power to fire green beams of energy. Another member, with the power to control metal, uses his power to disarm Claire. He tries to take control over her, yet Claire detonates her own grenade. A third terrorist, however, survives the explosion, and he transforms into his real self, Peter Petrelli.

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