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{{Infobox item
| image = Powers molly 4.jpg
| caption = [[The Company]] has systems for tracking [[bag and tag|tagged]] [[evolved humans]].
| first = [[.07%]]
| owned = [[The Company]]
| status = '''<u>[[Satellite]]</u>''':<br>Destroyed by [[Hana Gitelman]]<br>'''<u>[[Molly Walker]]</u>''':<br>No longer under the [[Company]]'s control
The Company uses '''tracking systems''' to monitor the movements of [[evolved humans]].
Matt goes to a [[Karen's grave|cemetery]] to meet Ted. Ted tells Matt that he found out that [[the Company]] uses [[the mark]] to track them. Hana appears and tells them that the mark comes from a [[pneumatic needle]] that injects a radioisotope for tracking viruses in Africa.
[[Mr. Bennet]] explains to [[Matt]] and [[Ted]] that [[the Company]] can track them using a system located in [[New York]].  He suggests that their first act to destroy the company should be to destroy that system.
===[[Episode:The Hard Part|The Hard Part]]===
In [[St. Louis, MO]], [[Mr. Bennet]] tells [[Matt Parkman]] about [[the Company]]'s new tracking system, the [[Molly Walker|Walker]] system: it doesn't rely on [[the Company's needle|radioactive isotopes]] or satellites--it just finds you.
After accessing [[the Company facility]], [[Matt]] and [[Mr. Bennet]] head to find the tracking system. After neutralizing [[Thompson]], Matt and Bennet head to destroy the tracking system, only to find that it is [[Molly Walker]]. Bennet comments that he knew it was a person, just not a little girl.
===[[How to Stop an Exploding Man]]===
On the [[Noah's cell phone|phone]], [[Mr. Bennet]] tells [[Peter]] that once the tracking system is fixed, they'll be able to [[clairvoyance|locate]] [[Sylar]]. Mr. Bennet then uses the system to find Peter lying in the street.
===[[Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1]]===
[[Mr. Bennet]] tells [[Hana]] that there are two tracking systems used by [[the Company]]. Her directive is to take down the Company's isotope tracking system, and points to the sky--it's a [[satellite]].
===[[Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2]]===
In [[space]], [[Hana]] sends [[the Company's satellite]] a self-destruct order, but it fights back with a virus. As the virus infects her system, she jumps onto the exterior, [[sacrifice|sacrificing]] herself for all [[evolved humans]]. 
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