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The Company's tracking systems

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The Company's tracking systems
The Company has a system for tracking tagged evolved humans.

First mentioned: .07%
Owned by: The Company
Current status: Operational

The Company's tracking system is a system of unknown design that can monitor the movements of evolved humans.



Mr. Bennet explains to Matt and Ted that the Company can track them using a system located in New York. He suggests that their first act to destroy the company should be to destroy that system.

The Hard Part

In St. Louis, MO, Mr. Bennet tells Matt Parkman about the Company's new tracking system, the Walker system: it doesn't rely on radioactive isotopes or satellites--it just finds you.


  • The "Walker System" almost certainly refers to Molly Walker, who possesses the ability to locate anyone merely by concentrating. Her abilities were blocked by the same disease that killed Shanti Suresh until Mohinder used his own blood to cure her of her disease, permitting The Company to resume tracking people. (The Hard Part)


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