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The Haitian/Season Three

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This article archives the history of The Haitian during Season Three.

For more about The Haitian, see the main article.

For The Haitian's Season One history, see here.

For The Haitian's Season Two history, see here.

For The Haitian's Season Four history, see here.

One of Us, One of Them

The Haitian is first recognized when Daphne attempts to use her power of super speed to which she, in her confusion, states "I'm slow". She asks Hiro what he's done to her. Ando does the same, and Hiro realizes his power doesn't work also. Daphne runs away normally and Hiro sees the Haitian entering the theater. He tells Ando that he was the man he saw in the future and assumes half of the formula resides in his silver briefcase. Soon thereafter, the Haitian receives Angela's half the formula from an aide of hers. Hiro, disguised as an usher, attempts to retrieve the briefcase while Ando approaches the Haitian and smashes him over the head, sending him plummeting down the stairs unconscious, during which his ability isn't in effect. After Daphne steals the formula from Hiro, he tries to stop time and regain it, but he and Ando are both grabbed by an angered Haitian.

Later on, at Level 5, the Haitian asks Noah if Sylar is his replacement, to which Noah replies only until he finds Sylar's weakness.

I Am Become Death

The Haitian appears in Hiro and Ando's cell in Level 2 just as Hiro successfully breaks open a ceiling shaft, in an attempt to escape. He takes them to Angela Petrelli's office.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

After Sylar recaptured Level 5 escapees Tina Ramierez and Michael Fitzgerald, the Haitian is called to the scene to erase Rachel's memories.


On the night of Arthur's "suicide", Angela has the Haitian waiting nearby while she dines with Arthur, rendering him unable to use his abilities while they talk.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Nathan and Peter Petrelli arrive in Haiti and meet the Haitian. He tells them that that he is trying to stop his brother, Baron Samedi. Suddenly, Baron Samedi and his militia start firing on Peter, Nathan and the Haitian. Peter and the Haitian escape.

The Eclipse, Part 2

The Haitian enters Samedi's hut and knocks him out. He tells Marie to run and not to look back and that he will rescue her sister. The Haitian and Peter go to the prison where Nathan and Vivienne are being kept, and he frees them. He and Nathan agree to leave Peter, but return to give Peter aide. The Haitian knocks out the soldiers and confronts his brother. He puts his hand on Samedi's head, ignores Samedi's rationale that they are brothers, and renders Samedi unconscious.

Our Father

After the showdown with Arthur and Peter, the Haitian and Peter are staring at Arthur's lifeless body, panting and sweating. Peter tells the Haitian to go get Sylar. Following Peter's orders, the Haitian walks through a door and disappears.

Graphic Novel:Truths

The Haitian is present when Peter shoots Arthur. As Sylar momentarily saves Arthur by stopping the bullet, Arthur recounts how the Haitian was present both times he died.

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