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The Lindermans' home

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The Lindermans' home
Gn war buddies 3.jpg
Austin leaves his home.
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Residence

After Austin heals his mother of cancer, his parents are fearful of him and he leaves his home.

Notable Residents


Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 3

After Dallas and Austin find the downed plane and dead pilots, whom Austin can't heal, Dallas calls Austin a freak. Austin then tells Dallas that he doesn't use his powers because of the pian it has brought him. The last night Austin lived at his home, Austin's mother was dying of cancer. Austin used his healing ability on her. His father is ecstatic, sying that God answered their prayers. Austin says it wasn't God, it was him. After that, his parents were fearful of Austin, so he left home.


  • Austin's family seems to be deeply Christian. In Austin's mother's room, there is a picture of Jesus, a statue of Jesus, a cross on the wall, and a framed picture of a cross. Also, after Austin heals his mother (who wears a cross around her neck), Austin's father says that God answered their prayers.