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| first = The Wall
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| wikilink = The Pillars of the Earth

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The Pillars of the Earth
The book's spine

First reference: The Wall
"The Pillars of Earth" on Wikipedia

Peter gives The Pillars of Earth to Sylar.


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The Wall

Sylar wonders how Matt could have created the world in which he trapped Sylar. He is especially puzzled by the details in the world, such as books. Sylar asks Peter how Matt could have recreated all the words in books like The Pillars of Earth and Catch-22. Peter doesn't know, but suggests that perhaps Sylar read those books and retained their words in his subconscious.

Later, Sylar is contemplating the untouched wall when Peter arrives with a birthday present: The Pillars of the Earth. He thanks Sylar for being there and helping to keep him sane, and then prepares to approach the wall again.


  • The Pillars of Earth has a sequel titled World Without End.

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