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The key
Journal the key.jpg
Mohinder discovers a key taped to a page in the journal.

First mentioned: One Giant Leap
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: held by Mohinder Suresh

The key was discovered by Mohinder taped to a page of the journal.


One Giant Leap

Eden discovers a journal in Chandra's apartment; inside is a key. Mohinder tries to use the key to open the door to Sylar's apartment, but it does not fit.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

After he returns to Kanyakumari for Chandra's funeral, Mohinder rediscovers the key tucked into the journal. When he has a dream featuring the key and a mysterious young boy who is breaking into a locked drawer in his father's desk, Mohinder uses the key to unlock the drawer at his father's office. He finds a file labelled with the name "Sanjog, Iyer". Inside are various articles about sleep and dreams, and a picture of the boy from his dreams.


  • The key is an SC1 blank for a Schlage entry lock or deadbolt. It could have fit for the apartment door but is too large for the desk drawer in Chandra's office.


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