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Theory:Ability development

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The following fan theories are about Ability development.

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Theory Citations Notes
Partially restored abilities are limited by mental blocks of the user. None + Unless the genetic material in an evolved human is changed, innate powers should remain the same. Many characters show some difficulty and mental strain while learning to use their powers. This may be a similar situation to recently restored abilities.

+ Hiro didn't want to time travel, and now he cannot.

He hasn't tried yet.
He has recently time traveled by accident, but couldn't go back at his own will.
- Sometimes Hiro can choose when to time travel (Once Upon a Time in Texas).

- Hiro's ability is the same, he has difficulties with using it due to his brain tumor.
- Ability replication was confirmed to be a different ability from empathic mimicry, no mental blocks involved.

+ Formula created abilities might not be the same as genetic abilities. It's possible that Peter's original ability is still in stasis waiting to be reactivated, and his new ability is purely a creation of the formula.
- The formula already altered Peter's genes, there's no other way for them to change.
Unless a character with ability to alter genes appears.

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