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The following fan theories are about Allison.

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Theory Citations Notes
Allison is really Sparrow Redhouse going undercover. None + She's played by Kat Purgal, who also modeled for Sparrow in the graphic novels.

+ Micah may have sent her undercover to protect Claire.
+ This may be Sparrow's chance at college as she was also "called to arms" by Micah.

Allison is/will be the new Pledgemaster of the Sorority. None + Becky has returned to the Carnival.

+ Allison has always with Becky during the pledging. With Becky gone, a successor is needed.

Allison has links to the Carnival through Becky, who recruited her. None + Becky and Allison have been seen together during pledging.
- Not everyone related to Becky or to the Sorority are related to the Carnival.

+ Allison intervened when Noah held Becky at gun point.

- Allison simple looked for Becky in her room, and she wasn't alone.

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