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Theory:Benjamin Franklin

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The following fan theories are about Benjamin Franklin.

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Theory Citations Notes
Benjamin Franklin was not really an evolved human. None + Benjamin could have been covering for his son in his letter to Joseph Priestley--that it was really William who held the kite's string when lightning struck, and that his son had inherited the special ability from his unknown mother.

+ At the end of the novel, Joseph Priestley said that the world may never be ready for the truth and so may have lied in his journal entry about which Franklin held the string.
+ Per Jack Black's Drunk History, Benjamin Franklin would be more likely to send out his son to fly the kite than himself, since he suspected the risk and did not want to injure himself.

- It is stated in the same "Drunk History" that Franklin having his son fly the kite was only an opinion, not a fact supported by evidence.
Benjamin Franklin can travel time beyond the means of a normal human. + Benjamin Franklin is said to be only 9 years old when 12 years have passed, and when his death year is stated, his age is properly stated based upon the number of years since his birth.
- Could be chalked up to human error.

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