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The following fan theories are about Caitlin.

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Theory Citations Notes
Caitlin has a power. None Caitlin's reaction to Peter's demonstration powers is suspicious. (Lizards)
- It could be surprise at the abnormal.
+ It could be curiosity in something she's seen before.

+ Caitlin does not tell her brother that she's seen Peter do more than the electricity trick saying, "a girl's got to have her secrets". (Kindred)

- She could have been referring to her feelings towards Peter.

- Caitlin has not exhibited any signs of having a power.

+ She could be keeping a secret (her ability).

- Caitlin reached for a gun when threatened. (Lizards)

+ She might not have an offensive power.
+ She might be unaware of her power.
Caitlin has the power of electric manipulation. None + In Petrified Lightning, Caitlin shares a story of how a hero was able to call on the powers of his mermaid love by saying her name; likewise, when Peter does the same, and calls Caitlin's name, electricity flows freely, just like how the mermaid gave her power to her hero.
- Caitlin herself provides an interpretation: "she showed him his own power".

+ Caitlin wasn't surprised, scared, or harmed when the electrical arcs danced to and all around her.

- The Rule of Ted doesn't apply to electric manipulation, as seen with Elle.
Only in certain circumstances.
- Never.
She'd always shock herself if that was the case. For her to suffer from her ability, she has either to lose control over it or be in conditions that would turn her power against her, like Noah, Lyle and Eden did on separate occasions.
- Elle managed to incapacitate Peter, although he was exposed to her ability. (Four Months Ago...)
Peter had been taken by surprise. Exposition doesn't mean automatic access to the ability, not always.
She had already seen Peter's ability before, and she knew he was a good guy.

Peter acquired electricity from Elle in Four Months Ago.

Caitlin will die of the virus in the future. None + She is trapped in the future so she could get infected.

- She may not exist anymore because of being left in the future.

Caitlin cannot be rescued. The timeline's been changed and she wasn't rescued before it happened. + Caitlin's future is not Peter's future. She cannot be saved because Peter now can't go there by moving through time.

- Hiro and Ando appeared in the explosion future even though a version of Hiro had already returned to the past of that timeline. (Walls, Part 1)

+ Maybe the changes caused by that visit weren't enough to change the timeline in a way that would make visiting those periods of time a paradox.
Caitlin no longer exists. None + With the Outbreak future no longer viable (due to Peter's destruction of strain 138), and the outbreak itself never happening, Caitlin was left in a time line that never happens, which would wipe her from existence.
- Caitlin was left in a time line that can no longer be accessed. According to string theory, that timeline will still exist, but it just can't be accessed from the current timeline.
- If Peter travels to the past where the virus exists then goes in that past's future, he may reach that timeline. It's like going upstream until the river splits and swim through the other stream.
Caitlin still exists and will live in a future where the Shanti virus was not released. Hiro and Ando appeared in a timeline (Parasite) where Hiro had already reappeared in the past. (Walls, Part 1) If this is true, then once the timeline reaches 2008, Peter will be able to see her again.
But would she have any memory of the virus outbreak? To adapt to the current timeline, she would remember being with Peter one second, then poof, travel into June 2008.
She shouldn't, just like Hiro and Ando didn't magically remember the other Hiro's life.

- That future is now in the main Heroes timeline. Caitlin may still be in the one where the virus was released and no longer exists in the main Heroes dimension.

Caitlin will come back as a primary antagonist. None + It would be a very interesting plot twist.

+ She could want to get revenge on Peter for forgetting about her.

Peter has forgotten his mission to save Caitlin. None + He hasn't talked about her once since the beginning of season 3.
Caitlin still exists in the outbreak future, but in another dimension. The timeline she exists in is where Adam released the virus. Therefore, she is not in the Heroes dimension we follow. The most adapted theory of time traveling in Heroes is the multiverse theory. + This could be a reason why we don't see Caitlin anymore.
- Why would we see her in 2007 anyway?

If this is true, then once the timeline reaches June 2008, we won't see Caitlin, because she's not in the dimension of Heroes we follow.

The writers will never bring up Caitlin again. The Volume called "Exodus" where her fate was supposed to be revealed, has been canceled. + Many series do these things. Erase characters like they never had an impact on any of the other characters' lives.
+ The series The L Word did this with one of their characters, because her contract ended.
Caitlin will get space-time manipulation. She is trapped in the future and needs to get back. + Maybe her need to get back to the present will cause a manifestation of space-time manipulation.

+ Abilities have been known to base themselves around people's situations.

- Many people need help, and only few of them have powers.
Caitlin will return in Volume 5 or a summer graphic novel. A few season two characters have already been brought back in the Rebellion arc of the Graphic novels and might appear next season. - Said characters aren't stuck in a future that can no longer happen.
+ Another Caitlin should appear in 2008, just like another Hiro and Ando appeared in Parasite even though Hiro had already returned to the past of that timeline. (Walls, Part 1)
- This makes no sense… Hiro and Ando did not “appear”, they time travelled.

- Volume 5 takes place in 2009, and Caitlin is still nowhere to be seen.

Caitlin will return thanks to Kelli Wheaton. None + Kelli can bring people from other dimensions.

- Caitlin is in another time not dimension.

+ An alternate timeline may count as an another dimension.
Provided this timeline still exists.
Maybe if she has a helping hand.
- Every different action a person could make creates another dimension. This creates a multitude of dimensions (called timelines by us) but we only see the present one as it is.
Caitlin has precognition. None + She wasn't shocked after seeing Peter's powers.
- She was surprised to see he was unharmed after being beaten by Ricky.
- She was shocked when he started painting the future.
- She was shocked when they teleported to 2008.

+ She might have foreseen Peter's coming.

- Nothing suggests that, or that she had abilities at all.
Caitlin will be able to return due to space time manipulation. None + Logically if someone with spacetime manipulation took her far enough back, and then took her forward to the present she would end up in the main heroes universe rather than the different one she has been trapped in.

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