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Theory:Candice Willmer

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The following fan theories are about Candice Willmer.

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Theory Citations Notes
Peter absorbed illusion from her during the Kirby Plaza incident in How To Stop An Exploding Man. None + She mentioned dragging Sylar away from Kirby Plaza, so it is possible she was below him and pulled Sylar into the sewers while everyone was distracted by Peter.
- Candice could have dragged Sylar away from Kirby Plaza after Peter and Nathan flew into the sky.
Betty's real surname was Willmer. None + In the graphic novel she only decided Candice was a good name.

+ Her surname was not revealed.
- She changed her name from "Betty" when she took on her brunette illusion, and changed her name to "Michelle" when she took on the redhead appearance. Chances are that she changes her surname with each new appearance as well.

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