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The following fan theories are about Clairsentience.

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Theory Citations Notes
Clairsentience, if controlled, can turn into or be used in a similar way to Dream manipulation. None. - Seeing the past of an object is different than being able to manipulate brain waves or reality.
Clairsentience may be used to read the mind of a telepath without feedback due to the fact that the power creates a one-way connection. None. - Clairsentience is defined as being able to view the history of an inanimate object through touch.

- When Sylar grabbed Claire's hand to keep her from being sucked into a vortex, he was able to feel the pain that he had caused her. But Sylar wasn't "reading her mind" as such.

Clairsentience can only be used once on each object. None. + Sylar used his ability on Claire in Angels and Monsters, however he did not use it on her again in An Invisible Thread, but instead used it on her necklace.
+ There is no reason why he wouldn't touch Claire again if he could.

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