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The following fan theories are about Clairvoyance.

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Theory Citations Notes
Clairvoyance involves some form of astral projection. None + When Molly tried to find Alejandro Herrera (who had been murdered), she was unable to locate him. This may suggest that she was looking for his soul instead of his body.
Souls or spirits do exist in the Heroes universe, as Ida May Walker was able to see them, and so did Linda Tavara after taking her aura.
Clairvoyance also allows the user to locate objects. None + It seems rather logical for an ability like clairvoyance to allow location of objects as well as people.
- The ability has only been described to find people. It was never mentioned to find objects.
+ Adair Tishler said Molly can find "anyone or anything".
- It was never used to find anything, just anyone.
+ Never shown on camera.
- Not shown in graphic novels, webisodes or iStories either.
+ Clairvoyance has not been shown in very many graphic novels, webisodes, or iStories. That doesn't mean that it can't be used to locate objects.
- And in every time it was demonstrated, it was only used to find people.

- Molly was unable to locate Alejandro after he died.

Maybe someone found Alejandro's body and destroyed it, making it impossible to find.
- That is incredibly unlikely. There is no motivation for any character to do such a thing and would be a horrible plot device.
+ Molly was looking for Alejandro the person, not Alejandro the rotting corpse. Also, if he were cremated (or sufficiently decayed) he might not have been recognizable.

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