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The following fan theories are about Disintegration.

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Theory Citations Notes
Disintegration also works on organic matter. None + Tom Miller stated that he could hurt Sylar.

It's entirely possible he assumed that, since he could break down objects, he could break down people. It may not be true however.

Disintegration works by manipulating sonic frequencies. None + Tom's ability may function by making the target vibrate on a certain frequency. Then, when he snaps his fingers, the target is struck with a different frequency which interacts negatively with the first frequency, destroying the object.
+ This would be in keeping with Heroes' attempts to make scientifically plausible abilities.
The idea here should be resonance. If an object vibrates at its "resonant" frequency for too long, it can shatter. This is commonly seen in cartoons when an opera singer shatters glass. Tom's power could work in the same way, making the object vibrate at its resonant frequency, which would explain why the object was wobbling before it shattered.

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