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Theory:Evolved Human's Relationships

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Theories about Evolved Human's Relationships

The following fan theories are about Evolved Human's Relationships.

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Theory Citations Notes
All evolved humans are attracted to other evolved humans more than normal humans. None. + Relationships between evolved humans are Claire and West, D.L. and Niki, Hiro and Charlie, Mohinder (as soon as he got his powers) and Maya, Nathan and Niki/Meridith/Tracy, Matt and Daphne, Angela and Arthur, Elle and Sylar...
- West is nowhere to seen.
- Mohinder and Maya didn't stay together for long.
- Nathan just slept with Niki and Meredith, that doesn't mean they had a relationship.
- Despite being together for forty-one years, Angela didn't hesitate to kill Arthur when she learned of his plans to kill Nathan.

+ Relationships between evolved humans and regular humans tend to break up.

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